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Posted On: 2 June 2014 03:38 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:51 pm

QITCOM 2014 – Opening new doors for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs

7ayak Qatar
7ayak Qatar
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Winner of Salam prize, Senior Analyst from Al Jazeera, Derrick Fountain

Youth Hub Qatar, a new set of smart spaces and concepts for young people, announced beginning of operation of its Collaborate Entrepreneruship Support Platform during QITCOM conference, hold on 26-28 May.

QITCOM event has been run for the 3rd year with an aim to connect forward-thinking businesses, innovators and industry leaders to consumers, entrepreneurs, students, and enthusiasts, and thus, support the development of Qatar as global example of social and economic development predicated on a knowledge-based economy.

While the event offered many opportunities to support entrepreneurs and innovators within its agenda, Youth Hub Qatar developed their own way to help start-ups and SMEs to network. During all three days of exhibition, visitors of joint booth could pin down their business cards onto a networking wall grid, numbered 1 to 100. Behind certain numbers, the lucky ones could find different prizes from Youth Hub Qatar, and its partner, Salam International.

“One of our main services at Youth Hub Qatar is an entrepreneurship support platform”, said Evgenia Berestneva, Director of Youth Hub Qatar. “This includes co-working space, affordable office and event space, advertisement opportunities, coaching and trainings, access to network of partners, sponsors, talents and business consultancy. Being a start-up ourselves, we are really happy to give a hand to new or growing entrepreneurs and SMEs, and find a way to support each other”.

Several individuals and organizations took different prizes at Youth Hub Qatar booth and opened up a door for mutual collaboration during the event. Freelance photographer Yagnessh; Senior Analyst from Al Jazeera, Derrick Fountain; student and team-member of new travelling start-up, Nawal Abuswai; and President & CEO of Excellence Factors International, Iyad Hadba, were the lucky winner of vouchers from Salam Studios and Stores. Fashion Designer, Fatma Ghanem; Project Manager of Gulf Marketing, Mennat Allah Mansour; and Dr. Mohammed Ali Abd Elmaboud won a chance to host an event at Youth Hub Qatar free of charge. And, finally, Founder of Rawaj, Amal Eissa Shamiyah, got free advertisement space at Youth Hub Qatar as a prize.

As a follow-up of QITCOM, Youth Hub Qatar is planning to host networking event for all people, who visited their booth, to extend a platform for potential business collaboration and entrepreneurship support.

“It’s really about the people, not about the businesses, when we are talking about healthy and fruitful collaborations”, added Evgenia Berestneva. “We are genuinely grateful for all individuals from Salam International and other organizations, who helped us to make our participation in QITCOM a success. It’s great to work with people, who are driven by the same vision, mission and passion to provide more opportunities for nurturing entrepreneurship in Qatar”.