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Posted On: 17 November 2021 09:48 pm

Qatar Tourism launches Visit Qatar website in Arabic and 4 other languages

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Qatar Tourism launches Visit Qatar website in Arabic and 4 other languages

Qatar Tourism announced the launch of its Visit Qatar website in Arabic, targeting local and neighbouring markets while providing an extensive overview of Qatar’s attractions and offerings, with the aim of inspiring visitation. Part of Qatar Tourism’s broader digital push, the Visit Qatar site is now also available in German, French, Spanish, and Italian, reaching audiences in their own languages with information and offers tailored to their specific market. In addition to the website, the Visit Qatar app offers unique location-based recommendations and interactive functions based on the traveller’s personal preferences.

Offering the website and mobile app in multiple languages furthers reach and enhances user experiences by making the destination more accessible. QT continues to streamline its services for locals, visitors, and public and private sector stakeholders through its digital initiatives. These include a brand portal that contains QT’s image library and digital assets, as well as its corporate website.

Mr. Berthold Trenkel from Qatar Tourism (QT) said:

“Qatar Tourism’s digital transformation enables us to showcase the destination, and through immersive and compelling content, we aim to build a tourism brand identity for Qatar while inspiring visitation and in-country spend. The launch of the website in several languages will make it easier for visitors, stakeholders, and media to access information about the destination. As part of a larger digital plan, we continue to coordinate our efforts with partners and stakeholders to highlight the importance of digital in our current infostructure, as well as to contribute to the reputation of Qatar as a significant travel destination.”

The rollout occurs following the launch of Qatar Tourism’s new marketing campaign – “Experience a World Beyond”, which introduces audiences in major cities around the world to the country and its offerings. These strategic initiatives come ahead of Qatar hosting the Arab Cup in December, and in preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2022™. Through its multilingual digital touchpoints, Qatar Tourism is better able to reach audiences, enabling them to learn about the country – its culture, attractions, and events in their own language. Through continued collaboration with stakeholders and its digital transformation, QT continues to bolster Qatar’s reputation while highlighting the importance of digital for the country.

Source: Qatar Tourism Press Release
Cover image: Shutterstock