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Posted On: 3 October 2019 10:10 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:05 pm

Qatar Post awarded "Best Postal Services Company" in Sustainability & Environmental Conservation Category

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Qatar Postal Service Company (Qatar Post) has been recognised as the best postal services company in 2018 in the conservation and sustainable development sector. The award was allotted to Qatar Post in recognition of its continuous efforts, programs and initiatives towards energy conservation and dedication to reducing its own carbon footprint. The ceremony was held as a part of Expo 2019, in Amsterdam the Netherlands.

Chairman and Managing Director of Qatar Post Faleh Al Naemi accepted the award on behalf of Qatar Post, during a ceremony attended by over 200 postal services companies world-wide.

On this occasion, Chief Operating Officer at Qatar Post Hamad Al Fahida said: "This prestigious international award allows our efforts towards reducing energy consumption, preserving the environment and adopting an environmentally conscious mindset to be recognized and awarded on a global scale. We aim not to merely deliver high-quality products to satisfy our customers, but to take the further step to ensure that our daily practices align with international standards to honor our responsibility towards the environment and preserving it."

He added: "Our programs under Qatar Post's sustainable development plan have yielded significant results in the last years. Energy consumption was reduced by 20% in 2018 while paper consumption was reduced by 33% in 2017. In addition, we have witnessed the implementation of recycling programmes to reduce paper and plastic-based waste in partnership with national factories. These efforts also paved the way to receive various environmental certifications such as the ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems, Quality Management Certificate 9001, and Occupational Health and Safety System 18001."

Within the context of raising awareness and transforming the nation's consumptions' habits and behaviors, Hamad Al Fahida has launched several initiatives aimed at raising the profile for the need for environmental protection to both employees and customers, company wide.

Within the field of reducing consumption of energy and water, Qatar Post has implemented programs to lower its overall consumption by replacing 80% of fluorescent lights with energy saving LED lighting and by installing specialized devices to reduce the company's water consumption by 30%.

With regards to fuel consumption that feeds its operations, logistics and transportation sectors, Qatar Post deploys modern vehicles and utilizes intelligent devices to further reduce carbon emissions. In areas of high population density, utilizing motorcycles as opposed to full-fledged trucks and vans, is one way towards reducing the company's carbon footprint. Additionally, the implementation of a vehicle tracking system (GIS) is work in progress, through the deployment of Application ORTEC.

When evaluating and selecting suppliers, Qatar Post considers their sustainability tracking records, practices and values towards environmental protection as a crucial factor in its selection process. For example, it is of the utmost priority that all packaging material and supplies be sourced from recyclable materials. Qatar post will continue to launch strategic initiatives, platforms and programs towards sustainability and environmental conservation in collaboration with the Universal Postal Service.

Source: QNA
Cover image credit: Qatar Post