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Posted On: 18 July 2018 03:22 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:00 pm

Qatar Airways urges caution against fraudulent offers

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Qatar Airways Urges Caution Against Fraudulent Offers

Qatar Airways has cautioned passengers about online ticket scams and urged them to buy tickets from official and reliable sources.

The airline has also given many tips on how to identify phishing links and keep away from fraudulent offers.

In a twitter post on their official handle Qatar Airways said that “Passengers are being targeted now with unauthorised offers on tickets. If you suspect a scam, advise Qatar Airways at [email protected] or report it to the police.”

They also advised flyers to “Only buy Qatar Airways tickets from:, any Qatar Airways sales office or an appointed IATA travel agency.”

Recently there were many fake offers circulating in the social media offering “two tickets to everyone for $1 to celebrate the 25th anniversary.”

Qatar Airways Ad fake

“With the occasion of our 25th anniversary we are offering 2 tickets to fly where you want at only $1. All you need to do and answer 3 short questions to help us improve our services,” the fake post claimed.

The airline had earlier warned the public to not be swayed by ‘fake anniversary offers’ from phishing sites that maybe targeting to compromise users' personal information.

QA Twitter

“Data protection and privacy are of the utmost importance to Qatar Airways and we take all possible steps to protect our customers from every type of online fraud attack and phishing scam,” the airline said on their website.

They have listed a few important points to consider before clicking on such links.

All official communications from the airline are always sent from / domains, or similar country-specific domains.
Qatar Airways never charges fees for recruitment.
Qatar Airways never requires a recruitment deposit or asks candidates to pay visa fees.
Qatar Airways will never make a job offer without meeting a candidate face to face or via video conference.

In addition, while Qatar Airways Frequent Flyer Programme, Privilege Club, sends out emails asking recipients to click on a link to login to their Privilege Club account, recipients need to ensure that such emails are received only from an email address that ends in or

Privilege Club will not ask for your confidential Privilege Club credentials such as membership number and password on emails or otherwise.

You should also be suspicious of emails or communications that claim to come from Qatar Airways advising you that you have won a lottery prize from the airline. Qatar Airways does not run lotteries. If you receive this email, please delete it immediately and do not respond.

The airline has also provided tips on how to recognise phishing scams, online fraud and how to protect yourself from online fraud on their website.