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Posted On: 8 February 2021 07:00 am
Updated On: 8 February 2021 04:56 pm

Protect your skin and eyes with this breakthrough car window tint

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Car window tinting is one of the essential improvements you can add to your vehicle if you’re driving in Qatar. It’s not just for aesthetics but also has many benefits, especially for your eyes, skin, and comfort. While many companies offer window tint film installation in Qatar, finding one that provides excellent service and high-quality products can be challenging.

Eclipse Car Protection and Trading provides leading products in automotive tinting, wrapping, and paint protection. One of its exclusive offerings is the Skin & Eye Care Window Film, a breakthrough innovation of Solar Technology Canada (STC).

STC Eye and Skin Window Tint Film
Image credit: Eclipse Car Protection and Trading

What are the benefits of installing Skin & Eye Care Window Film in your vehicle?

1. Protects from harmful UV rays

We all know that UV rays can be harmful not just to our skin but also to our eyes. The Skin & Eye Care Film is made with patented technology and offers several benefits not available in conventional sun control films that only block UV 300.

STC Skin & Eye Care Window Film can block harmful UV rays up to 400 nm. Prolonged unprotected exposure to UV radiation is one of the significant risk factors of skin cancer. UV rays can also cause eye damage, including cataracts and eyelid cancers.

2. Protects from blue light

It’s not just ultraviolet rays you have to worry about. Blue light from sunlight and other light sources can cause eye strain, and its cumulative effect can prematurely age the eyes. The window film’s Blue Light Filter helps protect your eyes while driving, whether you’re driving in the morning or night.

Car window tinting service qatar
Image credit: Eclipse Car Protection and Trading

3. Reduces heat

The polarized film rejects up to 98% of the heat, making the car cool and comfortable even during the summer. By blocking the sun, it can also protect your vehicle interior from discoloration and fading. In addition, it has anti-glare, which helps you see more clearly and makes it easier on the eyes during your driving.

This heat rejection film will protect your eyes and skin and will make driving the car more pleasurable and comfortable.

4. Other features

The film is composed of 6 protective layers combined into a one-ply film thanks to a special co-extrusion patented process. It’s also available in a wide variety of visual light transmission (VLT), from light to dark shades.

It has many other features that can help your auto glass last longer. It doesn’t interfere with any signals or GPS, it produces no adhesive lines, it’s scratch-resistant, it doesn’t quickly fade or age, and you won’t experience any bubbling issues.

car services qatar
Image credit: Eclipse Car Protection and Trading

Eclipse Car Protection and Trading also offers Paint Protection Film, Nano Ceramic Coating, Car Wrapping, Peelable Paint, Polishing & Detailing. For pricing and more information, check the website or call Eclipse through the numbers below.

Eclipse Car Protection and Trading details:

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  • For pricing and more info, call or WhatsApp: +974 5000 6715, +974 5000 6719, +974 5000 6735
  • Locations: Industrial Area, Salwa Road near Auto Lab
  • Timings: Saturday to Thursday 8 am to 9 pm; Closed on Friday
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