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Posted On: 16 June 2015 04:26 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:53 pm

Mozaic GO App Transforms Mozaic TV!

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First-of-its-Kind Feature Enables Customers to Change Channels, Select Movies, Pause, Rewind and Record – all from their Smart Devices

In an incredible technology breakthrough, Ooredoo has today upgraded its Mozaic GO app to enable customers to turn their mobile phone or tablet into an advanced TV remote control. The new feature, which has been highly anticipated by Mozaic GO users, will launch for the public in the coming days.


The feature, which is the first of its kind in Qatar, will give customers the ability to browse the TV listings and Mozaic movies catalogue on their mobile, without disturbing the on-screen entertainment.


Customers will even be able to set and record programmes for later viewing, directly from their mobile, offering incredible convenience and an enhanced entertainment experience.

Customers will also be able to preview live channels on their device, before they select it on the TV – the first time such a feature has been available in the region. If a programme is playing while they are away from home, they can use their smart device to set their Mozaic TV to record, so they never missed their favourite shows.

Waleed Al Sayed, Chief Operating Officer, Ooredoo Qatar, said: “We have promised the people of Qatar that Ooredoo will continue to introduce new and exciting technology that will actively enrich their lives. With this new Mozaic upgrade, we are bringing space-age solutions into people’s homes, letting them fully control their entertainment options directly from their mobile phones.”

Mozaic TV is committed to providing unlimited, all-you-can-watch and on-demand access to movies and television for all genres and languages, and, with content growing daily, the new Mozaic GO App remote feature will make it easier for customers to search and browse the 370 channels and 5,000+ titles currently available. Mozaic TV provides the biggest choice of content on the fastest network.

The expansion of Mozaic TV’s services comes as the latest in a series of moves to enhance the user experience and broaden viewers’ choices. Ooredoo is currently working on a service that will enable customers to pay for content via their mobile, enabling them to buy movies-on-demand, subscription packages and pay-per-view events at the touch of a button.

Access to Mozaic GO is available free for all customers who subscribe to a Next Generation Mozaic TV package. Customers can access the app by downloading it from the Apple or Google App Store, or visiting for details.

The app also supports multiple audio tracks, so that programmes can be viewed in multiple languages when available.

Viewers must use their Mozaic TV Account Number to log-in, which can be found via the system information option on their Mozaic remote control.

To upgrade to Next Generation Mozaic TV customers can call 111 or visit any Ooredoo Shop. For more information visit