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Posted On: 5 March 2022 02:10 pm
Updated On: 5 March 2022 02:12 pm

MOCI successful in identifying 107 violations in February 2022

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In February 2022, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry carried out intensive inspection campaigns to monitor the level of supplier (retail outlets) compliance with their obligations stipulated in the laws and Ministerial decisions on consumer protection. The inspection campaigns resulted in the identification of 107 violations, namely:

Violation Type: Number

  1. Failure to display prices: 6
  2. Failure to display prices in Arabic: 1
  3. Failure to issue invoices in Arabic: 4
  4. Failure to issue complete invoices: 2
  5. Failure to offer an Arabic version of the information on displayed commodities Failure to clearly define the service information, features, characteristics, and pricing: 2
  6. Failure to provide spare parts, delay in after-sales service, and failure to provide an alternative car: 2
  7. Failure to place the issued promotional offer license in a visible and prominent place on the storefront: 1
  8. Failure to place labels on goods included in discounts, indicating the original and reduced prices: 1
  9. Failure to comply with the mandatory price bulletin of vegetables and fruits: 12
  10. Failure to write all the explanatory information about the displayed commodity: 14
  11. Failure to provide spare parts for durable goods within a specified period of time: 1
  12. Failure to guarantee that the performed service during a period of time is commensurate with the nature of that service, to refund the amount paid by the recipient of the service, or to perform again in an appropriate manner: 26
  13. Non-compliance with the form and format of the promotion advertisement approved by the competent department: 1
  14. Failure to apply all commodity guarantees: 6
  15. Making a promotional offer without obtaining the necessary license from the competent department: 8
  16. Offering a discount without obtaining the necessary license from the competent department: 4
  17. Describing the commodity, advertising it, or displaying it in a manner that contains false or deceptive information: 9
  18. Charging a higher price than that announced: 1
  19. Displaying expired products: 4

The concerned consumer protection authorities at the Ministry also received a number of complaints in February, which were dealt with and resolved via the necessary measures:

Source: MOCI Qatar
Cover image credit: Shutterstock