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Posted On: 1 April 2014 01:26 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:51 pm

Metrash2 services now available to Vodafone customers

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Vodafone and the Ministry of Interior announced that Vodafone customers can now access Metrash2 services. “We are delighted that our customers can now sign up to Metrash2 and access the huge amount of services from the comfort of their own home or office. Vodafone always aims to provide its customers with hassle free services and Metrash2 is a major addition to our range of services,” said Sheikh Hamad Bin Abdulla Al-Thani, Senior Business Development Manager, Vodafone Qatar. From his end Colonel Abdulrahman Ali Al Malki, Assistant Director of Information Systems at the Ministry of Interior said, “The Ministry of Interior always strives to provide the citizens and residents of Qatar with convenient services and therefore it was important to us that Vodafone’s customers gained access to Metrash.” Vodafone customers will have the option of signing up to the basic Metrash services that provides information such as the status of their documents, expiry date and renewal date through text message. With Metrash2, customers, via their smartphones, can have access to 60 different services including: · Traffic-related services include renewal of driving licences; replacement of lost driving licences; vehicle road permit; vehicle exit permit; transfer of vehicle ownership; transfer number plates and certificates for various purposes. · Visit visa - under both personal and corporate sponsorships - include follow-up of applications and approvals; queries on various issues - such as status of application, valid visa for use, visa violation and used visas; visa fee payment; issuing return visa for visit; payment of delay fines; extending visit visas (from inside the country) and renewing unused visit visas. - ILQ News - · Residency services such as issue of exit permits for company-sponsored or personally-sponsored individuals; renewal of residency permit for both; cancellation of the residency; changing the data of expatriates’ passports and separation of dependents from an expatriate’s passport. · Other services include activation and renewal of the e-gate card and queries on travel movements, owned companies, number of expatriates under sponsorship and owned vehicles. Metrash2 users can look for the Ministry of Interior service centres from their smartphone and communicate with the ministry; they will get instant notifications through SMS on their registered mobile number indicating the status of their application. To activate Metrash2, customers need to send an SMS (from a mobile registered in their name) to 92992 with their Qatari ID number and expiry: M2R send to 92992, and follow the simple 5 step process. For a detailed explanation of the sign up process, please visit or