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Posted On: 13 April 2015 04:59 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:53 pm

McDonald’s demonstrates full transparency with ‘Your Right to Know’

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Demonstrating its ongoing commitment to transparency, McDonald’s Arabia launched a new and interactive digital platform called Your Right to Know. Setting a precedent for the food and beverage industry, McDonald’s Arabia is inviting people across the region to ask any and all questions that they have about the brand and its food specifically in the GCC.

Visitors wondering what goes into the famous Chicken McNuggets, how McDonald’s fries are prepared or whether McDonald’s uses Halal beef and chicken, will be able to receive factual and transparent answers through the platform. ‘Your Right to Know’ will also serve as a truthful reference for customers who may have heard rumours or picked up unsubstantiated internet news about the iconic quick service restaurant.

Speaking at a press conference, Yousif Abdulghani, Vice President and International Relationship Partner of McDonald’s Middle East Development Company, said: “Transparency is key to every business, particularly in today’s world, where consumers demand more information and transparency to allow them to make informed decisions”.

At McDonald’s, we have always been committed to transparency. Thousands of people have visited our kitchens since we started our Open Door program in 2006. We were also the first in the industry to communicate nutritional information in our restaurants, on our packaging, and on our website.

Your Right to Know comes as a continuation of this transparency journey. It is an ideal tool to foster an open dialogue with consumers, and demonstrates our pride in the food we serve to our customers in the GCC every day.”

In 2013, McDonald’s became the first and only quick service restaurant brand in the region to post nutritional information on its packaging, including a breakdown of calories, fat, sodium, protein and carbohydrates in each product.

"A key part of our ongoing success has always been our focus on listening and responding to our customers," Abdulghani continued. “McDonald’s Arabia takes its business seriously, and is committed to being open about our practices and products so that people can make informed food choices. Today, we offer them a trusted source to find out exactly what’s on their tray at McDonald's.”

To learn more about Your Right to Know or to submit a question, please visit