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11 February 2019 03:40 pm

Mazzraty offers quality poultry products to Qatar residents!

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
Content Writer
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Mazzraty is a 7 factories organisation, based in Qatar, producing an array of premium quality poultry and agriculture products to deliver fresh, natural and healthy food to every family in the country. The company strives to provide customers with high-quality products, along with an unequaled commitment to food safety and sustainability. Mazzraty is a national concept founded in Qatar in 2016 as part of Al Mana corporation, the first batch was launched in January, 2019.

The company stands out in the Qatari food market for the quality, technology and biosafety international standards, and is proud to be the first in Qatar and in the region to involve a full cycle of production committing to the processing of all the poultry manure, into useful products such as pure protein, fertilisers, and irrigation water.

State-of-the-art farm to ensure the best quality

Mazzraty factory in Qatar

To ensure the premium quality, Mazzraty has deployed the most up-to-date technology and equipment that are in line with international best practices. The company has the biggest specialised lab in Qatar, performing thousands of tests every day to confirm the health and biosecurity of the animals.

Mazzraty is also introducing to Qatar a revolutionary high-tech machinery, that reduces bacterial risks down to 0 - from importing the finest eggs from Belgium until the highest quality poultry, air chilled and vacuum packed. Highly committed to environmental responsibility, Mazzraty also invests in a production chain sustainable from A to Z to reach a 0% unused byproducts, solar energy, and green technology.

All-natural, chemical free products

Finding ways to grow food products without any chemicals and antibiotics is the latest example of a company committed to innovation. As Mazzraty is committed to sustainability and environmental excellence, hence the company offers all-natural products, 100% vegetable fed chicken, free of chemicals and antibiotics. Their products have no artificial ingredients, coloring ingredients, or chemical preservatives, just enough to get it ready to be cooked.

To ensure the highest quality standards, they use the latest world-class European technologies with no human interaction during the production. Their farms are equipped with fully automated processing that is closely monitored by veterinary doctors at every stage of the poultry production cycle to prevent contamination and risks, from the hatching until the premium sealed packaging stage.

Fresh chickens straight from the farms to your table!

Fresh chickens are healthier as the natural meat contains full nutritious values and vitamins.
 Knowing this, Mazzraty offers fresh, tender chickens which are high in natural protein and contains low saturated fats. Their fresh chicken naturally conserves the most tasteful and softest textures to deliver health and flavour directly from their farms, to your table. From whole chicken to chicken thigh, wings, drumsticks, liver, gizzards and minced chicken—they have everything to cater to all your family needs and the various chosen recipes.

Where to find Mazzraty products?

Mazzraty poultry products are available at Lulu, Monoprix, Mega Mart, Spar, Family Food Center, Saudia as well as Ansar Gallery, and more locations are coming soon.

About Mazzraty

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +974 800 4499