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Posted On: 30 January 2017 03:53 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:57 pm

Let's Popcorn" Qatar officially launches its first branch in “Medina Centrale" in The Pearl-Qatar

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In the remarkable step coincides with the launch of its expansion work map at the local level, the Qatari company, "Let's Popcorn" launched officially its first branch in " Medina Centrale " at The Pearl-Qatar. amid a great honor a number of elite Qatari community leaders attend and representatives of various state media, at a time when the company announced the opening near a series of other branches, which will include several areas and shops popular malls in the country during the coming period. The company has been commercially registered in September 2011 and opened its first store at Azizia district.

"Let's Popcorn" a leader in the State of Qatar and the Middle East and one of the most admired company and specialized in producing luxury popcorn with different flavors surpass the 50 and prepared healthy using hot air technology (without oil), which represents a healthy snack for the entire family.

The company started its business in Doha since 2013, and well known since then with the production of “luxury popcorn ", which was characterized by the company's franchise, resulting in a faster expansion of its reputation among the Qatari market, shops and large malls.

In April 2015, was the opening of its first branch in the "Medina Centrale" in The Pearl-Qatar after signing the agreement the right to exclusive franchise to its products and its brand, paving the brand new expansion across local markets, especially after the remarkable successes that rose to prominence and figured out shops "Let's Popcorn "in the Gulf markets.

The Company seeks to introduce advanced healthy eating concepts, through manufacturing luxury products take into account the characteristic of the different products and types of popcorn jumbo quality, prepared locally recipes exclusive high nutritional value, with attention to quality established by the company within the top priority.

Commenting on the occasion of the official launch of the first stylish store "Let's Popcorn" in Medina Centrale, The General Manager of Popcorn Mr. Hussein Akbar Al Baker said: "we are very pleased with the officially launch of our store, especially since the shop has met demand unrivaled since opening its doors several months for the public. We in Popcorn manufactures diagonal product exclusively prepared by hands of a group of specialists and professionals in the luxury popcorns industry, giving the privacy of health factors and natural products, where the cook popcorn in all stages made with hot air without using of any kind of fat. We have a distinctive grainy variety of flavors outweigh the 50th flavor varies between citrus fruits, which include: "coffee, Caramel Peanut, Pecan, almond, cashew Nuts, Plain, Sea Salt, Cinnamon and Honey. The sweet popcorn includes: "Caramel Digestive, Cheesecake, and strawberry ice cream, and lots of other flavors, especially since the shop is always keen in every month to introduce a new flavor.

Al Baker Added: "In general testifies, Qatari market and the Gulf these days are demand growing to eat snacks health, at a time when demand continues, where all luxurious flavors health popcorn are encouraged "Let's Popcorn" to continue the introduction of innovation in the food industry high-value, and thus give our customers and our guests what they deserve from the high-interest, as it has been reflected through the adoption of innovation in our products, "Let's Popcorn."

Fill box of Lets Popcorn boxes are in brown and yellow colors, carefully made with special care to ensure the conservation of flavors for as long as possible, as well as taking into account the originality and elegance of design aesthetics. Also all the flavors are made by hot air technology-non- frying oils, which preserves the nutritional value of corn grain used in all the company’s products. The company is interested in the diversity of flavors that cater to all tastes and offer fans with unique opportunity for those wishing to get rid of unhealthy food habits pattern and enjoy the new products with higher interest calories fewer calories.

Our luxury Popcorns are daily fresh using tools of traditional brass, which include flavors exclusive delicious "Caramel Coffee”, popcorn Caramel can be ordered either with almond, honey, American walnut or cashew flavor, caramel Nets butter, along with many mixtures other famous or mixtures of Chicago, which is a mix of sweet corn and cheese luxurious rich and salty flavors with an exclusive for sweet.

Pop Corn stores are not only limited to providing delicious flavors popcorns , but also offers its products in the world-renowned metal cans of different sizes.