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Posted On: 13 November 2015 05:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:54 pm

Japanese & Qatari Culture celebrated at Junko Sushi Restaurant

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The Embassy of Japan in Qatar in cooperation with “Junko Sushi & Japanese Dining” Restaurant held the cultural event “Japan week” from November 10 to 12, to celebrate the growing cultural exchange between Japan and Qatar. The three days event featured daily soba –Japanese noodle- making events, showcasing of traditional crafts and products of Nishimeya village located at the heart of the UNESCO Natural World Heritage site of Shirakami Mountains, known for its verdant fertile lands and fresh water. The main event was the cutting of a huge Tuna fish in the traditional Japanese style. The event also witnessed a celebration of the cultural convergence between Japan and Qatar through showcasing of Kimono and an exclusive Abaya fashion tailored from kimono textile with Japanese patterns especially for the event.

Touching upon the deep bilateral relations between Japan and Qatar, H.E. Mr. Shingo Tsuda, Ambassador of Japan said in his opening remarks “Japanese cuisine has been attracting the world’s attention for a long time, and Qatar is not different. Japanese food, so called “Washoku” has been inscribed on the UNESCO list as intangible Cultural Heritage in December 2013. I am very glad to see more and more people in Qatar experiencing Japanese food”

He also talked about Junko restaurant in the Pearl, “as you may know, “Junko” came from Mrs. Junko Nanri, who has been running this authentic Japanese restaurant in Doha since 2012, including the preparation period to set up this restaurant at the best location in the Pearl Island. She has been awarded “letter of appreciation” from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan Mr. Fumio Kishida, for her significant contribution to the promotion of Japanese culture in Qatar.

Many dignitaries were present at the opening of the event including their Excellencies the Ambassadors of Kenya, Singapore, Pakistan, Bulgaria and Korea.

The event attracted many Qatari & Foreign residents who were extremely content with the quality and taste of the Japanese dishes and sweets presented at the event, and had a good time taking pictures while trying out the kimono and the Japanese style Abaya.