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Posted On: 1 May 2015 05:05 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:53 pm

Grand Opening of Orchid Polyclinic The Perfect Interaction between Body Health and Shape

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Beauty that doesn’t come from inside don’t last long, and this is where the interest of the owners of Orchid Polyclinic lies, with the importance of boosting the link between health and beauty, enriching its roots as long as you live in order to stay beautiful forever. Orchid Polyclinic puts together the abstract of accumulated experiences combined with recent studies about the depth of the relationship between human health and its different reflections on its beauty.


The new Orchid Polyclinic opens with an elegant ceremony this Wednesday, April 29 at its main headquarters in Duhail, in the presence of its Medical Director Dr Amal Al Shaiji. With 25 years of experience in the field of dermatology, Dr Al Shaiji is the Dermatology Consultant and Head of the Department of Dermatology in Al Wakra Hospital, a member of the HMC. Managing Director of Orchid Polyclinic Dr Khalid Mansour, who also works as a Dermatology and Venereal Diseases Consultant, and General Manager of Orchid Polyclinic Mr Ali Mohamed Al Jaber, along with the Orchid Polyclinic team and a number of invited VIPs, and representatives from the most prominent media in Doha, will also be there to grace the event.

“In light of the technological development storm of modern medicine, it was necessary for us to work on strengthened pillars pushing Orchid Polyclinic to stand out from competitors, which we have already accomplished; bringing the latest devices and technologies around the world. Our medical staff shall play an active role in developing distinct treatments and techniques to retain freshness of the skin, fight aging, cure baldness and and so much more,” Dr Amal Al Shaiji said.

Orchid Polyclinic includes twelve treatment rooms with nine medical specialties – skin diseases, skin care, aging, hair, therapeutic feeding, treatments of venereal diseases and diseases of male infertility, family medicine, general medicine, gynecological diseases and pregnancy follow-up. All clinics and treatment rooms equipped with the latest devices and technologies manned by the most qualified medical specialists with the highest level of qualification and experience.

“We are taking pride in announcing that Orchid Polyclinic is the first polyclinic in Qatar which uses pure collagen to promote the re-formation of the collagen structure in the skin which hardens as a result of aging. Orchid Polyclinic is also the exclusive agent for Oligoscan devices in Qatar which serves to measure the amount of salt and minerals in the skin. The clinic is also the first in Qatar to use VelaShape III, distinct from VelaShape I and VelaShape II for its ability to address the effects of dissolving fat on the skin, leaving the skin healthy, taut, and succulent.

We can also stimulate hair growth through Hamlet Oaze, a first in Qatar and is the new craze in the treatment of baldness. We have many other devices, in addition to what was already mentioned, such as thermage to flatten and refine the skin, and Fraxel Dual Laser to improve the texture of the skin, heal scars and treat pigmentation. Topping that with the most advanced devices, all of which operate according to the highest safety and internationally-accredited standards” added Dr Al Shaiji.

Orchid, as a flower has a distinct attractiveness that focuses on the natural. That flower is what you’ll see in Orchid Polyclinic; it was carved on walls, printed on paper and hanging from the vases to send out signals about the power of the flower, its uniqueness in contrast with other flowers, and its attractiveness which stems from its simplicity and mystery. "Orchid is an evergreen flower, and we named the Polyclinic after her as a promise and fulfillment to the needs of our Qatari women -who are astonishingly beautiful- every one of them will come out from here as an Orchid," Dr Shayji asserts.