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Posted On: 8 December 2014 04:30 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:52 pm

Graham Stoker : Qatar is one of the most advanced countries in motor sport

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Graham Stoker, FIA Deputey Sport 'Qatar is one of the most advanced countries in motor sport'

In his first press statement at the gulf newspapers, Graham Stoker, FIA President Sport, confirmed that Qatar is considered the future of motor sport. ’ The Gulf region is considered one of the most important areas all over the world , due to the positive ambitions which will absolutely lead the future of motor sport into a brilliant future.’ Mr. Graham Stoker confirmed in his attendance to the FIA Annual General Assembly held from 1-5 December 2014 in Doha. He took a good impression of the wonderful organization carried out by QMMF headed by Mr. Nasser Al Attiyah and he also confirmed that Qatar is considered one of the pioneer countries in this sport.

Stoker : The Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar gave us the chance to learn about Qatar Culture

Regarding his impression about organization carried out by QMMF, Stocker said that he was hugely impressed as the organization has been truly first class and we have received a fantastic welcome from everyone at QMMF.

About his impression of the Arabian culture and particularly the Qatari, Stoker stated that it’s one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world, which has brought so much to humanity. Throughout our visit to Qatar, we managed to learn about the Qatari culture which has been fascinating and. the splendid Museum of Islamic Art was a wonderful learning experience.

About the future of motor sport and the future expectations, Mr. Stocker confirmed that, we really live the stage of motor sport comprehensive renaissance all over the world , “it ‘s absolutely a very exciting time for motor sport globally” he said.

FIA has introduced a new fully electric Formula E Championship and also launched a new World Championship for Rally cross. Both these Championships are forward thinking and designed to attract a whole new generation of motor sport competitors and fans. We have also introduced the most technologically advanced power units ever seen in Formula 1 which have had a hugely positive impact on the sport both in terms of competition and sustainability of the series. Finally, the exceptional growth of the World Endurance Championship is returning the top level of sport car racing to a new golden age.

Stoker : Nasser Al Attiyah is doing an excellent job to strengthen ties

Regarding MENA region, which is considered one of FIA most important regions, Mr. Stoker evaluated the situation saying that Mr. Nasser Al Attiyah (throughout his position) as a FIA Vice President is doing an excellent job to strengthen ties between FIA federation and clubs in order to promote motor sport across the MENA region. 'His leading role is really very important’ he said.

He also added that, MENA held its first regional meeting earilier this year and continues up to date in holding such meetings related to the futureof motor sport in this region , all meetings were enormously successful , he said. 'I can surely confirm that motor sport is growing rapidly in the region and its progress is being steered in the right direction’.

Stoker : Qatar is leading the promotion process in motor sport

As Mr. Jean Todt, FIA President stated before that Qatar is future of motor sport in the region, Mr. Stoker said that Gulf region is playing an increasingly important role in shaping the future of motor sport and Qatar is undoubtedly at the heart of that, Losail circuit has successfully hosted Moto GP for some years and there is a growing interest in Qatar to stage more world class events.

About the last updates of FIA strategy, as it is the official responsible organization for the sport, Graham Stoker stated that “our goal at the FIA is to make motor sport safe, accessible and entertaining for anyone who has an interest to get involved” We have put in place a development strategy focusing on the growth of grassroots motor sport globally through Championships such as F3, and the new national F4 Championships, through a targeted funding program for motor sport growth. “Our worldwide network of 138 sport clubs allows us to have a global reach” he concluded.