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Posted On: 10 October 2018 09:55 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:01 pm

First Welsh woman from Cardiff sets up in Qatar and supports leading Qatari business ladies

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
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Nicki Page, Founder of Pageoneworld was born in Wales, she spent her career in London and Cardiff and arrived in the Middle East in 1989 with a marketing and public relations background from her previous employment in Saatchi and Saatchi, plus Marriott Hotels and Resorts. With a distinct and thoroughly Celtic approach, she was able to engage and establish influential networks with the leads and foremost decision makers across a number of Arab and non-Arab nations - being a key strategic negotiator in establishing the success of world leading tourism and luxury destinations including Jordan, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya Maldives, UAE. She supported Qatar Airways and India in the 1990’s, then establishing in the Middle East, one of the foremost tourism,hospitality and lifestyle business consultancy strategy services in 2002 - with a network and client list of Ruling families, CEO’s and companies “to die for”..

She has an in depth cultural understanding of the Gulf, Middle East, Asia and the way business is conducted in the region. She appreciates the subtle dynamics that drive the decision making process and how to navigate the wills and personalities who make the ultimate ruling on where their company or indeed their country will invest.

Could you please give us detailed information about Welsh-Qatar trade relations in the field of art?

Launching Doha Cardiff route by Qatar Airways is a great opportunity to grab and build on. Wales is rich in culture and has a lot to offer. I am aware of several Welsh organisations that have already visited Qatar and started cultural collaborations with local partners. Visual art, photography and even music projects are in progress and we will see the fruits of those collaboration by next year. For welsh art, The art of Bas is my first supportive work in Qatar for a prominent global wildlife welsh painter with a solo show part of British Welsh Qatar week 2019.

Do you think the business environment in Qatar is still doing well in spite of an illegal blockade?

The mark of an effective business is how readily it adapts, then once again thrives when there are threats to its previous business models, landscape or markets.

Reserves should be built into business while times are good to provide the resilience when negative events happen. These shocks to the system, in the long term, can often prove a useful wakeup call and test, to see whether your business model, and more importantly your people, have gotten used to success and are just cruising along, or are the dynamic, insightful and active agents that a business - ready for the future - needs.

I am aware of the issues facing Qatar as are many in the world of international business and relations. Our presence and continued engagement in Qatar says Qatar is much stronger now. And we believe Qatar has the resilience, resources, capacity and capability to continue to thrive - and we want to be close partner in that success.

What are your thoughts about Qatar’s tourism sector?

Having worked in the strategic development of national tourism in many countries within and outside the Middle East, I am aware of the pressures that have offset the rapid advance and progress that was being made in the Qatar tourism and hospitality, education and health sectors.

Qatar remains still, a high profile and luxury destination for the international community. Existing customers and new customer bases need but to be reminded of the welcome, quality of service, and unique experience offered by Qatar and its famous hospitality.

The world has Qatar on its lips for the World Cup, it has Qatar in its mind for being in the vanguard for the advancement of news, knowledge and education in and outside the Arab world..

Qatar punches well above its weight in international recognition and leadership. The diversification of the tourism market will be central to Qatar re-establishing it meteoric growth in tourism, however all the indicators that this will occur, are already there, we just need ensure we tap into that potential early, rather than waiting for another 3 years when Qatar will become the centre and focus of the worlds joy and excitement when it hosts the world cup.

How do you plan to contribute to Qatar’s tourism sectors?

I would like to think my global experience, helping to create demand and a clear promise can support the Minister of Tourism and his team. The private companies with their superb investment in leading Resorts. The airline in increasing traffic on newer routes.

What’s are your future plans?

I think, in short, to add value as a trusted, business partner to and for local Qatari Women, and bring a thorough understanding of global luxury to drive accountable commercial results, for those needing input. Bringing luxury brands and destinations to Qatar through showcases . Most importantly, supporting HH the Rulers vision for Qatar and Women here through education and well-being. Finally to support humanitarian efforts focused on education of women and children.