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Posted On: 15 April 2014 11:10 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:51 pm

EO Qatar Chapter and Members See Exceptional Growth in 2013/2014

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The latest Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s (EO) results from its Global Entrepreneur Indicator research project, shows that EO Qatar stands strong with substantially more growth than the EO Global results, and has a sturdy predicted growth for 2014. Entrepreneurs Organization, a dynamic global network of more than 9,500 business owners in 40 countries, have released the results for their research project conducted in March 2014, a biannual survey of business owners around the world that focuses on performance-related metrics such as jobs, profits, and debt loads, as well as business climate which includes access to capital and predictions about the economy. According to the latest EO survey, in the past six months, more than 60% of EO Qatar members have increased their full time employees compared to 55.43% globally, with a zero percent decrease; 66.67% of EO Qatar members increased their net profit, and 33.33% stayed the same with zero companies losing any net profit. Looking forward to the coming six months, the survey indicates that 100% of EO Qatar members predicted a rise in net profits compared to global figures which indicate more than 80% of Qatar members are predicting an increase in net profit and around 20% remaining the same with no member companies expecting decreases. “EO Qatar Chapter is proud to share the successes of our members who have demonstrated their commitment to developing the SME and Entrepreneurial sector in Qatar with statistical increases in net profit, full time and part time employees and revenue as well as up to 100% growth predicted for the coming six months. The results of the EO survey up to March 2014 evidently confirm that we are progressing in the right direction, highlighting EO Qatar’s commitment to strengthening and supporting our economy,” said Mohamed Jaidah, President EO Qatar Chapter. The survey results not only show the success of entrepreneurs in Qatar but also emphasize the global progression of Entrepreneur initiatives as a whole. - ILQ News -