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Posted On: 26 January 2022 02:00 pm
Updated On: 26 January 2022 01:51 pm

Have you tried using these contactless payment methods yet?

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We live in a time where a grab-n-go lifestyle is almost a norm and owing to the pandemic, people are actively moving towards digitalising every part of their life. Paying for things too has become convenient and easy with the increased use of wearable technology and connected devices.

This is true in the banking sector as well. Customers look forward to innovative digital services from their banks, while at the same time making sure they’re safe, secure, and reliable.

This is why Commercial Bank (CB) introduced many key features and payment services such as CB Pay, Apple Pay, and payment through wearables like Fitbit and Garmin. CB seeks to cater to customers’ varying and changing needs, thus it offers all possible payment solutions so you can have a choice!

What is your way to pay? Check out below Commercial Bank’s seamless payment methods for everyone!

CB Pay

Use Commercial Bank for seamless payment methods
Image credit: Commercial Bank

Available on CBQ Mobile App, Commercial Bank’s first-of-its-kind CB Pay service lets you enjoy faster and safer payment options just by simply adding your CB credit or debit card to your mobile wallet.

With CB Pay, you can use your mobile phone to make online shopping/payments, in-store purchases (Android phones only), and host a variety of card control features like blocking/unblocking your cards, setting your cards for overseas usage, and setting up the card limit on your add–on cards.

Follow a one-time registration process and experience the fastest and easiest way to pay for your purchases locally and abroad through CB Pay!

  • Login to CBQ Mobile App (iOS or Android)
  • Go to the ‘Services’ tab
  • Select ‘Enroll to CB Pay’
  • Read and accept the 'Terms and Conditions'
  • Create Shipping and Billing Address
  • Follow the prompts to digitize your credit or debit card(s) and to set one digitized card as the default card for mobile wallet payments.

CB Pay for Merchants

Seamless payment methods for everyone with Commercial Bank
Image credit: Commercial Bank

CB Pay for Merchants is another seamless payment technology developed for merchant-customer transactions. It’s a dedicated mobile application that brings business owners, retailers, and merchants closer to their customers, as it enables them to pay for goods and services using just their mobile in an easy, worry-free process.

If you’re a retailer or merchant dealing with Commercial Bank, download the app from Apple Store or Play Store and start initiating, receiving, and tracking payments seamlessly anytime and anywhere!

For more information about CB Pay for Merchants, call the Contact Centre on 4449 0009 or contact your Relationship Manager.

Apple Pay

Seamless payment methods for everyone with Commercial Bank
Image credit: Commercial Bank

Commercial Bank brings Apple Pay for a safer, faster, more secure, and private way to pay using either your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac. Enjoy all the benefits of your CB cards with Apple Pay while being assured that your card information is secure since it’s not stored in the device or shared when you make your payment.

With Apple Pay, you’ll not worry about handing your payment card to someone else, touching physical buttons, or exchanging cash. Check out its main features below!

Easy to set up - you can quickly and easily add your Commercial Bank cards to Apple Pay from the CBQ Mobile App. You can also set up Apple Pay from the Wallet app on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Convenient - with Apple Pay, you can pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch by tapping your device over a contactless POS terminal.

Simple and safe payment - all you have to do is hold your device close to a contactless POS terminal and use Face ID, Touch ID, or your device passcode to confirm the payment.

Wearable payment

Seamless payment methods for everyone with Commercial Bank
Image credit: Commercial Bank

Track your day, pay on the way with ‘Garmin’ and ‘Fitbit’—another innovative payment technology from Commercial Bank. This digital feature allows you to make secure payments for your in-store purchases using your fitness trackers, without the need for a phone or card.

Register your CB credit or debit card details into your wearable smartwatch or tracker using the devices' applications and start performing contactless payments by simply tapping your Fitbit or Garmin wherever contactless payments are accepted or where you see the contactless payment logo.

Tap N Pay

Seamless payment methods for everyone with Commercial Bank
Image credit: Commercial Bank

No need to carry cash! Pay simpler, faster, and safer with Commercial Bank’s contactless cards! CB’s ‘Tap N Pay’ payment method has been a huge success and has complemented the government's COVID-19 measures of safe and hygienic payments.

With CB’s contactless cards, no need to insert your card nor enter your PIN, just tap it over the POS machine, and you’re done! And to protect you, even more, CB has increased its contactless payment limit to QR 300 instead of QR 100 without the need to enter your PIN.

So, make sure to always carry your Commercial Bank contactless card and make payments faster and safer at your favourite local and international outlets. Commercial Bank wants to make sure your banking transactions are safe and seamless with all the possible payment methods available for you.


How do you find Commercial Bank’s safer and faster payment options? Let us know in the comments below. Do share this article – it keeps us going!