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Posted On: 30 March 2022 11:26 pm

Carrefour Qatar launches its first aquaponic farm

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Carrefour Qatar launches its first aquaponic farm

In line with its sustainability strategy and commitment to environmental protection, Carrefour Qatar has announced the launch of its first aquaponic farm in its retail store at City Center Mall, located in Doha’s West Bay area. The all-new initiative comes in cooperation with Agrico Qatar, a well-established Qatari-owned and managed leader in the sustainable agriculture industry.

With this milestone, Carrefour Qatar highlights the importance of sustainable solutions in the fresh food industry by providing alternatives to conventional farming, one being the aquaponic ecosystem for plant and food production. The aquaponic farming initiative by Agrico Qatar aims to witness remarkable savings in agriculture water and farmland, in turn promoting sustainable agriculture among communities.

Carrefour Qatar launches its first aquaponic farm
Image credit: Carrefour Qatar

Commenting on the launch, Laurent Hausknecht, Carrefour’s Regional Director, said in a statement:

“At Carrefour Qatar, our focus is on delivering exceptional value for all our customers through every experience. Also, we strive to set the standard for sustainable, responsible, and self-sufficient business. In this light, and with our customers and sustainability in mind, we see the benefits of Agri-tech innovations such as closed-field produce vertical farming, or ‘aquaponic farming’. This type of sustainable farming allows year-round farming, consumes 90% less water, 90% less land and uses no pesticides or chemicals. Thus, we have decided to reinforce our leadership position in the market by being the first to invest in aquaponic farming, the first of its kind in the retail sector in Qatar.”

From his side, Nasser Al Khalaf, the Managing Director of Agrico for Agricultural Development said:

“We are proud pioneers in aquaponics farming in Qatar, and it is a positive step to have developed a sample of our farm in a retail store, and join Carrefour Qatar in this initiative. This will help in educating consumers on how Agrico manages and produces its crops organically in Qatar, in a smart and sustainable way.”

The Ministry of Municipality’s Public Parks Department said:

“We would like to thank Carrefour Qatar for this project, which comes in tandem with the Ministry of Municipality strategy endorsing sustainable agriculture practices such as aquaponic farming. Carrefour Qatar’s aquaponic farm sets a good example, meets our sustainability objectives, and gives visitors of Doha City Centre Mall an opportunity to see an actual in-store vertical aquaponic farm producing healthy and nutritional vegetables. We encourage the public to try vertical farming in their neighbourhoods and on their rooftops.”

Source: Press Release