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Posted On: 30 May 2016 06:39 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

All Karwa taxis to have tamper-proof meters

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All Karwa taxis will have tamper-proof meters by next year, Mowasalat said yesterday.

“Karwa taxis fleet now have tamper-proof meters installed and operating under our unified call centre with related services, such as GPS tracking, dispatch, metered receipt, speed monitoring of drivers, seat sensor and customers can access.

“Now 65 percent of taxis are fitted with the new meters, and by 2017, all taxis operated by Karwa and the franchisees will have the new meters,” said a statement.

The statement was issued in response to complaints on taxi and bus drivers ranging from refusal to switch on metres and demanding excess fares to rude behaviour, flouting traffic rules and untidy and smelly interiors among others.

“Our quality control team are 24 X 7 checking drivers and vehicles. Behaviour and following traffic rules are to a great degree monitored and controlled with yearly refresher course program from Karwa Driving School for taxi drivers to improve,” said the statement.

“We are at present registering complaints, suggestions and feedback from every customer, resolving as per action the case warrants and communicating with customers,” it stressed.

Mowasalat-Karwa gets its taxi fleet replaced once in every two years, according to the statement.

“Last week we had 330 new Camry taxis replace the existing fleet. Also we had refurbished our entire fleet a year back. One taxi is used twice a day and twice the driver at the wheels goes to car wash, fuelling and interior cleaning before he leaves the premises.”

Mowasalat received a total of 88,000 bookings last month through its call centre and the Karwa Taxi App.

Launched in January, the app allows passengers to make a booking for future or for immediate pickup. The customer gets driver details through the application as well as SMS, enabling them to identify the car that is waiting or that will reach them which is available from the vicinity of shortest distance. More features are being added to enhance customer satisfaction.

With regard to improving its bus service, the state-owned transport company recently extended and modified some of the routes as per the demand in ridership and reduced the waiting time to 12 minutes with increased frequency, said the statement.

“We will have more bus shelters, as most of our bus shelters are unavailable due to road and infrastructure works.” Mowasalat requests customers to give their feedback and experience, which will help it to serve the public better and better.

“We are aware that Public transport buses block roads and access to other vehicles to move, mainly due to private cars take parking in the bus stopping area lay-by which prevents our bus entering the lay-by.

“This requires the attention of the authorities to ease the job and responsibility that bus driver carries, that is to drop passengers and pick up waiting passengers, and to serve them without incurring fines from traffic police. Our drivers undergo training for driving heavy vehicle, but are also being trained with customer care course. PT drivers carry out a hard task to tackle the traffic congestion, bus stop lay-by woes and incur traffic fines,” the statement added.

Mowasalat ensured to connect with customers through all possible channels through which customers are requested to give their feedback and experience, which will help us to serve the public better and better.

“Infrastructure development and growth in the country is on an upswing. We are gearing up to meet with the public requirements, through upgrading ourselves with optimising supply and reach, technology, special customer care and refreshment courses to train our drivers, monitor and control with quality inspection, customer complaint management office to take all suggestion and feedback besides resolving complaints and 100 percent focus on customer deliverable and satisfaction,” the statement said. (Source)