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Posted On: 23 March 2023 09:45 am
Updated On: 23 March 2023 09:56 am

Address Jabal Omar Makkah offers unique luxury accommodation to Makkah

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Address jabal omar makkah

Address Jabal Omar Makkah features 1,484 rooms and suites and is set to take guests on a spiritual journey. With its unparalleled location in the heart of the holy city, the hotel offers a luxurious retreat for visitors to the Holy Kaaba.

The two towers form a gateway leading to the courtyard of the Grand Mosque for those coming from Al Masar, and each of them includes 634 luxurious hotel rooms and 108 suites, including a three-bedroom Presidential Suite and the four-bedroom Penthouse, undoubtedly the property's jewel in the crown. With a Panoramic Kaaba View it can host up to eight people over its expansive 470sqm of pure luxury and elegance.

Offering breathtaking views of the Holy Kaaba and Al Masjid Al Haram, guests at the hotel will enjoy the utmost comfort with world-class amenities and a variety of dining options, including traditional Hejazi cuisine, as well as other Saudi Arabian specialities. The hotel's exclusive business centre offers state-of-the-art facilities for corporate meetings, events, and conferences.

Address Jabal Omar Makkah is perfectly situated at the heart of the Holy City of Makkah, just steps away from the Holy Kaaba, offering a truly unique experience for pilgrims and visitors to the city alike. Designed by the world-renowned Foster & Partners, the architecture brings in elements of traditional Arabian heritage with concepts of tradition at its core.

An interconnecting bridge links the property’s two towers, which offer breathtaking views from each of the luxurious rooms & suites. A new iconic location, it features the highest prayer room in the world that can accommodate approximately 500 people.

The hotel's design reinterprets the traditional dense building clusters of yesteryear, creating a new contemporary vernacular that respects its sacred location. In addition, the design echoes the area’s mountainous terrain with cascading vertical elements to pay homage to the area's stunning topography.

With its spacious rooms and suites, multiple dining options, and state-of-the-art prayer facilities, the hotel offers all the amenities and services necessary to make the pilgrimage a truly meaningful and unforgettable experience, seamlessly blending old-world Bedouin hospitality with the ultimate in modern-day decadence.

Rather than a once-in-a-lifetime experience, guests at Address Jabal Omar Makkah will definitely want to come back for more, whether beginning the spiritual journey or deepening the practice. Situated in this landmark destination, it is the largest hotel within Address Hotels + Resorts portfolio in addition to being the tallest building in Jabal Omar.

Ideally placed, the towers sit on an area of over 5,000 sqm, including a commercial area with shops that feature local, regional, and international brands, as well as food courts and restaurants. Each tower even has its own helipad, which provides easy access and travel time.Guests can choose from four restaurants, two lobby lounges and two club lounges between the two towers, where guests can escape the crowds and rest in the luxurious home away from home in Address surroundings.

Address Jabal Omar Makkah is the ideal location for life’s unforgettable events to take place. From a special wedding in the holy city or a unique Sohour or Iftar during Ramadan. For business meetings, it also has the latest facilities to ensure large or small events, from meetings in one of the several breakout rooms or conferences across the two large ballrooms, run without a hitch.

Source & cover image credit: Press Release