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Posted On: 9 March 2015 02:56 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:53 pm

Acqua Boutique Luxury Waters Hydrates The Luxury Network and Officially Signs Up as a Member

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Described as 'the next generation of marketing for luxury brands', The Luxury Network is the world's leading luxury affinity marketing, partnerships and events group. A private consortium of premium brands in each luxury capital of the world, working together at senior director level for mutual business and client development.


The Luxury Network proudly announced the latest member to the elite affinity group: Acqua Boutique, a Qatar-based business providing high-quality, full service distribution of the finest bottled water brands from around the globe, throughout Qatar.

Acqua Boutique has firm commitments to distribute several high-quality new and unique brands. They offer one-of-a-kind premium products and guarantees exceptional customer service.

Acqua Boutique is the only full-service distribution company servicing the bottled water industry in Qatar.

The Luxury Network's objective for Acqua Boutique is simple: To facilitate cooperation and new business development activities between Acqua Boutique and other top-end companies under the umbrella of 'Affinity Marketing'. Affinity Marketing is one of the most successful forms of new business development and enables companies to interact with the right people in a structured professional environment, dramatically increasing brand awareness and the potential for gaining new pre-qualified private clients.

Being the professional team that they are, Acqua Boutique will support The Luxury Network in the projects that they are holding in the region, and globally in the future. Hence, The Luxury Network will open the doors for Acqua Boutique to build a long-lasting relationship with their target luxury market sectors.

To name some of Acqua Boutique’s luxury water collection are Acqua Filette, Voda, Andes Mountain Water, Oxygenizer, and Ganic Water. For more information, please visit