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Posted On: 7 June 2015 05:24 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:53 pm

1st Qatar International Exhibition For Support Services and Business Solutions (QBX-EXPO) 4-6 October 2015

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The Exhibition:

1st Qatar International Exhibition For Support Services and Business Solutions

Recently, the state of Qatar has witnessed Quantum leaps in the world of business and in its economic growth. The acceleration of such leaps made Qatar a prominent center in the world of business in general, and the MENA region in particular. That is all came as a result of the evolving strategy adopted in supporting and developing the business sector. Guided by the insightful Vision of his Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and the Emir father Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

Based on the current Qatari economic and commercial status, 1st Qatar International Exhibition for Support Services and Business Solutionsis considered of a high importance for those who are engaged in various business sectors. Since this exhibition will be as a major source businesspeople and companies to be familiarized with the commercial and investment entities requirements. Both in terms of quality services and distinctive solutions. That is all to assist the commercial and investment entities in performing their work properly and accurately.

Additionally, this exhibition is a main need in the economic market to support and develop the free competition in providing services and solutions that are required by the companies, so to become highly proficient in offering the best of services.

Mr. Ahmed Al Nuaimi - General Manager - Why this exhibition is important and needed

The Recent economic studies have proved that the Qatari economy has achieved high rates of growth in all business sectors, whether in service, production or manufacturing sector. This reflects the growing numbers of companies, and the diversity of the services offered, as well as the increasing competition among them. On the other hand, due to the ambitious development plans that are adopted by the State of Qatar on the short, medium, and long term, a large number of companies entered the economic market. These plans have imposed on operating companies many challenges that would urge them to adopt solutions, advanced administrative methods, organizational and service tools that are highly developed, using the latest technologies to maintain their status in the market. Moreover, to offer high levels of performance to achieve their strategic objectives.

Even though there is a number of companies specialized in marketing services and business solutions that provide systems, techniques and consultations for start-ups. However, they are still insufficient to meet the growing needs and requirements for such services. As a result, this has created a large gap between what companies require and what do really exist in the local markets.

Hence, the importance of 1st Qatar International Exhibition for Support Services and Business Solutionsstem from the effective role that it will play in establishing direct communication channels between suppliers and demanding companies. On the other hand, it will be a highly important meeting point for the requesting and the exhibiting companies in a specific time and place.

1st Qatar International Exhibition for Support Services and Business Solutions is a leading event for every single business activity. Starting from international expansion to IT solution, operations, multichannel, marketing, supply chain, eCommerce, logistics, loss prevention, banking and finance, construction, administrative services, touristic service, internal and external trade, consultation services, telecommunication, internet service providers, and the list continues to count. QBX-Expo is forecasted to attract over 25,000 visitors, as it concerns in providing end-to-end solutions that addressed the current business movement needs in Qatar.

QBX-Expo is an exhibition that offers an all-inclusive range of solutions and services from a wide range of exhibitors, from leading vendors to small business solution providers. Alongside with informative and interactive educational programs through the dynamic seminar, conference and lectures, and inspirational features, plus a host of networking opportunities and hospitality all under one roof.

QBX is for local and foreigner investors and businesspeople who want to keep up to date with all latest technologies and practices related to business solution and support services. This event will help its visitors to meet the leading companies in Qatar whether in public or in private sectors, also meeting directly with decision makers. More than 120 companies are exhibiting the latest business technologies and solutions that cater all investment and economic sectors with an international focus.

Mr. Wael Moini - Project Manager - The Exhibition Services

1. Creating a huge business directory

1st Qatar International Exhibition for Support Services and Business Solutionswill offer a service that is the first of its kind in local market. Creating a directory containing relevant information about organizations and companies that provide business-to-business solutions and services. Using a special system that will be used during the exhibition. This directory will help ease the process of improving and modernizing current and future operations by reducing the time consumed while performing these operations in the traditional way.

2. Huge networking opportunity

1st Qatar International Exhibition for Support Services and Business Solutionsis an outstanding business networking opportunity, which is a valuable way to expand knowledge, attain new clients and tell others about the current and future business aspirations. Besides raising the company’s profile to build a sustainable business. This exhibition will provide the perfect opportunity to meet influential people in the business world. QBX-Expo is not for a specific business activity, it is for businesses of all types to make contact and network.

3. Promoting business

Business success is based on consumer knowledge. If a business is unknown to customers, it cannot become successful. Customers will be gravitate toward those that are familiar, visible, and readily available to them. Traditional advertising and promotions are still a vital function for the success of any business. However, participating in QBX-Expo is a function that is a particularly effective method of promoting business. QBX-Expo present a wealth of opportunities to promote businesses, brands, products and services and presenting them in the best way. It is also a great way to interact effectively.

4. Meeting decision makers in the main companies

1st Qatar International Exhibition for Support Services and Business Solutionsvisitors are mostly action-makers and decision makers, and the chances for promotion of business and brands are just immeasurable. Moreover, QBX-Expo will enable exhibitors and visitors to meet the people that are interested in the same business field in one place, including existing customers, new prospects, suppliers, advisers, investors and key figures in same industry. QBX-Expo will offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas with other people who can make things happen.

5. Meeting place for investment opportunities seekers

Successful companies are always seeking new investment and development opportunities. Currently Qatar represents the right place where all these opportunities are abundantly available. QBX-Expo will offer all these opportunities at the same time and place, and it will manifest the importance of these opportunities and the benefits that will be gained by businessmen and investors. In turn, this will encourage the Qatari businessmen to sign contracts with foreign companies that are looking for investment opportunity in the Qatari market.

6. Gaining the best services and solutions

QBX-Expo will provide the best environment to gain the best business solution, support services and logistic services in the world of business. Consequently, this will lead to the best performance progression of the established and future businesses. Additionally, it will increase all sectors efficiency, whether they are demanding or offering services, which will benefit all sectors of the national economy. Therefore, QBX-Expo is considered one of the economic and commercial activities that are beneficial for the public welfare.

7. Raising the awareness of the most advanced technology used in support

QBX-Expo is the perfect opportunity that will provide free, transparent and interactive environment for the Qatari market through the international, regional and global participation. Beside the conferences and lectures program during the exhibition in which the most prominent experts will present the latest in the business world at all levels. It would also provide the adequate opportunity for all participants to know all about the best techniques, methods and strategies used that are related to support services and business solutions.

8. Contributing to the comprehensive development operations that are conducted in the State of Qatar.

QBX-Expo will play an important role in the development operations that are conducted in the State of Qatar through offering the latest and the best strategies in the world of support services and business solutions. This in turn will contribute to the development renaissance in Qatar, which will lead to achieve the requested social progress and prosperity.