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Posted On: 18 February 2019 02:56 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:03 pm

10 startup ideas from the Arab Innovation Academy 2019

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
Content Writer
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The largest entrepreneurship boot-camp of its kind in the region was successfully launched its second edition of Arab Innovation Academy (AIA) in January 2019. The initiative by Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP), a member of Qatar Foundation Research, Development and Innovation (QF RDI) and the European Innovation Academy (EIA) brought together more than 160 future “techpreneurs” from Qatar, MENA region, India and Russia.

The AIA provides an unprecedented opportunity for young and aspiring tech entrepreneurs to gain invaluable insights and guidance from some of the world’s leading experts who will help to accelerate their startup ideas. 2019 edition of AIA introduced participants an accelerated mode of experiential learning under the guidance of leading Silicon Valley mentors which includes how to develop and launch new tech ventures in a real marketplace with genuine customer feedback.

Here's the list of 10 startup ideas that came out of the Arab Innovation Academy (AIA) 2019.

1. Team name: Salamat-e

Idea Description: The team “Salamat-e” secured the first place at the Arab Innovation Academy 2019 for their innovative idea. Mobile app connected to the GBS that will contain information about prevention and vaccination needed for epidemic diseases in the located region of the travel destination using simple and universal emotion to spread awareness and therapeutic.

Award: Expedited interview with Alchemist Accelerator + HAG Consulting Accelerator Program + Article for Global Reach in European Innovation Academy network

Team members:
Bashar Shawar - Palestine Polytechnic University
Chaimae El Mahdaoui - Mohammed 6 University of Health Sciences
Polina Ladchenko - HSE
Tareq Osman Babiker - Al Neelain University
Yafa Abd ALRahim - Birzeit University

2. Team name: Fly Stories

Idea description: The Arab world’s reading skills suffer due to the lack of interaction between Arab readers and writers of kids stories, which affects the Arabic culture especially, the future generations. The idea is an exchange of writing and reading new children stories. Targeting writers of all levels and children themselves, as the readers are 6 to 15 years old. Providing a unique platform for new children short stories, to enjoy & improve children’s Arabic reading skills

Award: HAG Consulting Accelerator Program + Article for Global Reach in European Innovation Academy network

Participants names and universities:
Aboubakr Aqle - Hamad Bin Khalifa University
Ghadeer Abuoda - Hamad Bin Khalifa University
Jalila Rashid Al Sharqi - Sultan Qaboos University
Omer Abad - HBKU
Tasneem Ismail - Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

3. Team name: EyeTalk

Idea description: There are a lot of disabled people who cannot control their body except eyes. To help them a software-hardware system can be developed for them for communication via only their eyes. The main purpose of this human-computer interaction system is to augment the communication ability of people who have several disabilities by using their eye blinking.

Award: HAG Consulting Accelerator Program

Participants names and universities:
Abdelkader Keddar - Abou Bakr Belkaid University
Abdullah ABDULWAKIL - Istanbul University
Doğukan Aksu - Istanbul University
Samia Cherifi - Abou Bekr Balkaid University of Tlemcen
Shaikha Alsubaey- Qatar University

4. Team name:WheelsOnClick

Idea description: A platform can be created where a user who has an unutilised car can put the car for rent and a person who needs a car can take from that platform.

Award: HAG Consulting Accelerator Program

Participants names and universities:
Abhimanyu Saini - Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Fathalrhman Adam - Al-Neelain University
Garima Natani - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India
Omaiyma Hilal Alkathiri - Ibri College
Wisal Ahmed Khatir Bakhat - Alzaiem Alazhari

5. Team name: Grinnovation

Idea description: Recycling segregated waste into useful and efficient resources.

Award: Expedited Interview with QSTP XLR8 Accelerator

Participants names and universities:
Nezar Al - Maqaleh - Sana'a University
Shaikha Almarri- Qatar University
Shihab Ali Alzyadi - Lebanese International University
Wjdan Mujahed Hamood AL-Matari - Lebanon International University


Idea description: The current technology in the industry requires a huge amount of energy as well in the industrial process. Due to human involvement, delays in response can lead to overstress and reduced the lifetime of process equipment. AI can play a pivotal role in making society’s current desalination infrastructure more cost-effective, energy efficient and, ultimately, better equipped to self-adapt and self-optimize to the inevitable variability of process conditions.

Award: Expedited Interview with QSTP XLR8 Accelerato

Participants names and universities:
Ahmed Elhaj- Sudan University of Science and Technology
Khalid Ahmed - University of Khartoum
Pulkit . - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Sara Hussein - Carnegie Mellon University Qatar
Shaurya Sheoran - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay


Idea description: Food is thrown into a waste bin that accumulates and leads to carbon emissions, so carbon emissions are harmful to the environment. Since food is wasted in considerable amounts in the State of Qatar, in order for us to comply with Qatar's National Vision 2030 of transforming the state into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development, contributing to a sustainable future by removing organic waste from landfills and returning it to the soil could be a sustainable strategy.

Award: Expedited Interview with QSPT XLR8 Accelerator

Participants names and universities:
Alaaldeen Alkiswani - Qatar University
Aya Hasan Allkhereibi- Qatar University
Juhina Aljamoudi - Nizwa College of Applied Science
Rashid Humaid Rashid Al Kindi - Sultan Qaboos University
Shaunak Handa - Indian Institute of Science

8. TEAM NAME: Needee

Idea description:
An app that helps resell used school and non-school books as well as borrow and rent them.
Award: 3 hours post-mentoring from European Innovation Academy

Participants names and universities:
Abubakr Ibraheem - al sudan
Ahmed Abubaker Mohammed Abd Alraheem -University of Khartoum
Jawaria Abbas - Carnegie Mellon University Qatar
Khadidja Farah Abdoune- Abou Bekr Belkaid
Roudha Al-Emadi - Carnegie Mellon University

9. TEAM NAME: PrintLe

Idea description: Lack of interaction between clients and service providers in Qatar printing sector. This results in the customer wasting his time and money with no quality assurance.

Award: 5 hours mentoring from Chilltime over a 3 month period

Participants names and universities:
Alazhar bin Hassan bin Said Alshaqsi- Sultan Qaboos University
Anas Rasras - Hamad Bin Khalifa University
Jyohan Joglekar - Qatar University
Karima Ghermaoui - Abou Baker Belkaid / Tlemcen
Sara Rafeh - American University of Beirut


Idea description: Lot of Industrial Waste dropped in the land and reach the groundwater, so it's become polluted. In other hand, there is a high demand on the natural stone, in the coming years, it may finish.

Award: 5 hours of mentoring over a 3 month period from Dorodesign for product design.

Participants names and universities:
Abir Gouayed - Higher Institute of Agronomy of Chott Meriem
Arine Nasereddin - Palestine Polytechnic University
Mohamed Fellah - Mohamed VI Polytechnic University
Shifa Faisal Sinan Mohamed AlJahwari - College of Education Rustaq
Talal Ahmed - Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

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