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Posted On: 5 September 2018 08:26 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:01 pm

Three art exhibitions open at Katara

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Katara Exhibition

The Cultural Village Foundation-Katara launched three art exhibitions on Monday featuring works by artists from various countries demonstrating Katara’s significant role in building bridges between cultures.

Katara General Manager, Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, opened the “Endless Entrust” exhibition featuring 44 works by prominent Turkish artist Fatih Mika who specialises in engraving, an important element of Ottoman art’s rich and long tradition.

This exhibition serves at the launch of Turkey and Qatar Intercultural Art Dialogues project carried out by Istanbul Intercultural Dialogue Association of Arts (IKASD) which will see exhibitions, concerts, conferences, workshops and festivals organised in both countries in the next four years.

Speaking at the launch, Turkish Ambassador Fikret Ozer stressed the strong and deep-rooted relations between Qatar and Turkey in several fields, especially in culture and arts.

Beste Gursu, President-International Culture and Art Advisor at IKASD and curator of Endless Entrust, stressed the importance of the project in promoting intercultural dialogue through organising events in collaboration with different cultural entities.

With regard to the exhibition, Gursu said it is a retrospective of works mirroring the artist’s memories of untarnished nature of Turkish countryside when he was still young.

“He has combined that amazing power of nature with his cultural refinement reflecting his attitude towards traditional Turkish art upon his miniatures and porcelain works,” she said.

The artworks depict horses, fishes, birds, and landscapes embellished with traditional Ottoman patterns in great detail splashed with stunning colours.

Located in Gallery 2 of Building 18, “Endless Entrust” concludes on September 14 with a free to the public lecture on the art of engraving by the artist himself.

Also launched on Monday at Building 19 Gallery 1 is “Ahel Qatar” (People of Qatar), a brilliant showcase of more than 20 modern realist-expressionist paintings by Qatari artist Ali Al Mulla. “These paintings display prominent figures in Qatar who carved their own niche through their exceptional achievements in different fields,” said Al Mulla.

Former international soccer player Mansour Muftah Al Abdullah, prominent social figure Mohammed Al Suwaidi, musician Abdulaziz Nasser Al Obeidan, actor Ghanim Al Sulaiti and famous media person Saad Al Rumaihi are some of the personalities featured in Al Mulla’s exhibition.

On show in Gallery 2 is “Flight N33” exhibition displaying works by Kuwaiti artist Sara Hassan and Iraqi artist Haider Al Zaeem, the former focusing on the theme of doors while the latter on the issue of immigrants.

“Who can live without a door that ensures safety and keeps all threats away? This door that keeps secrets behind it could be an eye, a heart or a mouth that has keys only the person it belongs to knows. These are the doors this artist has used in her paintings,” said Hassan.

The exhibitions are open to the public until September 14.

Source: The Peninsula