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Posted On: 16 December 2019 11:30 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:06 pm

Qatar National Day 2019 slogan and its translation

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"The path of excellence is difficult
Ten years embraced glory and arts …
Obtained all excellence and manliness."

---The Founder of Qatar

In this stanza, the Founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed laments his martyr son, Sheikh Joaan, and gives a glimpse into the truth of a generation of young people who grew up on ethics and knowledge and were brought up to search and acquire knowledge even if the price of that sacrifice was too expensive.

The Founder Sheikh Jassim laments his son, Sheikh Joaan, listing his virtues. He was a young man of age; a student of science and a strong knight and these were the values he was raised with in the Qatari environment.

Sheikh Joaan and his generation of young people have been a model for the Qatari youth of this day, in acquiring ethics and science, and willingness to sacrifice for their precious homeland Qatar by overcoming all challenges.

Throughout its history, Qatar and its people have been blessed with natural resources such as ‘pearls’ which provided them with well-being and decent living. Also, their land was full with grass and water, and blessed with oil and gas.

And, because the challenges are always there, Qataris have always been prepared for the challenges of life. These include natural disasters, economic challenges such as the Pearl Depression, as well as the military and security challenges that Qatar faced in Mesaimeer in 1851 right up to the siege of Qatar that started in June 2017.

All the challenges have been linked to a common factor across successive generations This common factor is the absolute preparedness of the Qataris, especially its youth, who have confronted these challenges with two weapons: morality and science, above all else.

As an example and a historic testimony to these challenges, on 17th of Ramadan in 1888, which coincides with 28 May, Sheikh Joann was praying the dawn prayers (Fajar) at Sheikh Ali Bin Jassim Mosque (Joaan) in the Eastern Palace (the current National Museum of Qatar). Many Qataris were present for a big diving season and while praying with him, there came the news of a surprise attack on Doha and its surroundings.

Sheikh Joaan completed the Fajar prayer, and accompanied with a few knights, set off to trace the invaders who had withdrawn to Rawdat al Khail, where the Qataris clashed with them and their number was double.

Sheikh Joaan was martyred that morning after he swore that he would not go back until he defeated the invaders. A number of the finest youth of the homeland were also martyred and a number of them got injured. They were underlined as the best examples of courage and sacrifice for their homeland. This was an important event in establishing our beloved State.

The path of excellence is difficult

The slogan is inspired by a poem by the Founder, describing Sheikh Ali bin Jassim (Joaan), and by doing that he is giving a clear picture of a whole generation of Qatari youth in the founding period.

The slogan reflects the belief of successive generations of Qatari youth that the path of excellence is difficult.

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