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Posted On: 24 April 2020 09:00 am
Updated On: 16 April 2021 01:23 pm

Learn about Ramadan through #QTips!

Leena Chung
Leena Chung
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Learn about Ramadan through #QTips!

How familiar are you with Ramadan?

Mr. Q and The Qatari Guy have shared lots of information about Ramadan and the culture through our weekly Qatari cultural show, Qtip, in the past years. Let's check them out and Ramadan Mubarak to everyone!


How to pronounce 'Ramadan' properly!

5 ways to greet people in Ramadan

Why we fire a cannon during Ramadan

Why do you hear drums banging? "The Mesahar"

The car parade on the corniche


Top 5 Ramadan sweet drinks!

Most common Ramadan dishes in Qatar

Dos and Don'ts

Things you Should and Shouldn't do during Ramadan - Important!

Men should always do this during Ramadan!

How to keep your cool while on the road during Ramadan!


Ramadan QTip: Brain vs Stomach

(Some) Reasons Why We Fast

Reasons women should (or could) break their fast

When is it okay to break your fast during Ramadan?

Breaking your fast in public tents

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