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Posted On: 1 February 2019 05:58 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:02 pm

Japanese artist Ayumi Endo creates The Amir painting during his visit to the country

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Japanese artist Ayumi Endo has created a painting in honour of H.H. The Amir Tamim Bin Hamad during his visit to Japan.

Ayumi posted on her Facebook page the painting “大実夢 -Tamim-” along with the letter she has written thanking Amir and expressing her respect for Qatar.

In the letter, shared by the artist on her Facebook, she said that she was deeply impressed by Qatar, especially for its strong and noble spirit and kindness.

The artist also said that the painting expressed her hope that Qatar will grow further, develop exponentially, and bring a safe and abundant world with freedom.

In the letter: "I made the name by using the Japanese kanji 大 (big) 実 (come true) 夢 (dream), expressing the wish that your big dream will come true. Together, the three characters are pronounced as “ta-mi-m”. For the background of the painting, I have painted Ryutai-moji which are characters of the Age of the Gods in Japan. These characters are said to be made by the Gods, and only special people were able to handle them. In Japan, it is believed that these characters have strong power which will bring miracles. I have also written five kanji. Beside the white bird there is, “平和 - Peace”. Beside your smile there is, “自由 - Freedom” and “友好 - Friendship”. Beside your eyes looking towards the future there is, “栄光 - Glory” and “尊敬 - Respect”."

Ayumi depicts her vision of humanity through her paintings which she says can cross all language borders. Her artworks were exhibited at Katara in September 2018.

She shared ILQ's Weekend Round up on her social accounts!

Ayumi Endo