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Posted On: 19 November 2019 03:20 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:05 pm

Naho Matsuda’s ’EVERY THING EVERY TIME’ uncovers stories about Doha through data poems!

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In the age of the digital world, we are surrounded by data everywhere, especially within cities. This data has a story to tell. In fact, it has many stories to tell about the city it’s from, from its people and even its visitors. What are these stories? What do they tell us about these cities?

That’s where EVERY THING EVERY TIME comes into play. This interesting and unique form of art is on display at two different locations - Katara Cultural Village and the Qatar National Library during the ongoing Qatar British Festival organised by the British Council in Qatar, and will be the basis for workshops and panel discussions held by the artist and UK partner.

The British Council, in partnership with the British Embassy, is proud to present the sixth annual Qatar British Festival taking place this year from 18 November - 7 December. The festival continues to celebrate the strong and long-standing relationship between Qatar and the United Kingdom through the expression of public art, photography, music and film.

Naho Matsuda’s ’EVERY THING EVERY TIME’ uncovers stories about Doha through data poems!
Image credit: British Council

This year’s theme 'People and Place' examines the impact of ‘place’ on us and in turn, our impact on place and the long-lasting, positive effects of cultural connection and exchange between the people of Qatar and the people of the United Kingdom. The festival will conclude with the Qatar-UK Alumni Awards; a celebration of the enduring success cultural exchange can bring to societies, through education.


It’s a fascinating artwork by Naho Matsuda and produced by FutureEverything. With thanks to Dan Hett, RASKL and Paul Angus.

The artwork investigates concepts of the ‘Smart City’, urging deeper reflection on the role of data in our lives, personal privacy and our place in future cities by drawing on data streams generated by the many things and events happening each day in this city. Watch as poetry is written in real-time and revealed on a split-flap display.

EVERY THING EVERY TIME takes information (data) from exchanges (communication) in the city we are in and tells a new story about the city’s people and life on a daily basis. As people exchange information in the city, a poem is generated using data streams which measures fluctuations that can include, travel, traffic, weather, etc., and will be displayed on the screen at Katara Cultural Village Foundation, and then at QNL later on.

Naho Matsuda’s ’EVERY THING EVERY TIME’ uncovers stories about Doha through data poems!
Photography: Alison Week (2019)

What’s the purpose of EVERY THING EVERY TIME?

By turning open sourced data into snippets of poetry for the public, the EVERY THING EVERY TIME artwork encourages a better connection between a city, its citizens and the technology that runs it. This futuristic, technology-based artwork asks question through the poem about the role that data has in our everyday lives and what we would want from the future where the concept of the ‘Smart City’ is slowly becoming a reality, in addition to what value this data has and its use as we go about our lives.



1. Katara Cultural Village: Al Hikmah Courtyard (Fountain between building 12 and 16), Katara Cultural Village Foundation, Doha - Qatar
Dates: 18 – 21 November 2019
Timings: Monday to Thursday: 10 am - 10 pm

2. Qatar National Library: Education City, Doha - Qatar
Dates: 22 - 28 November 2019
Timings: Friday: 4 pm - 8 pm; Saturday to Thursday: 8 am - 8 pm;

Naho Matsuda’s ’EVERY THING EVERY TIME’ uncovers stories about Doha through data poems!
Image credit: FutureEverything (2019)

Panel Talk - Edifice // Artifice - Redefining Art In The Public Realm

Across cultures and throughout the ages, art has prevailed as a medium to better understand the world around us, inspiring new ways of thinking and public dialogue, often pushing aesthetic and conceptual boundaries beyond the ‘here and now’.

In 2019, developments in culture, architecture and creative technology prompt us to revisit the role of art, specifically, the evolving nature of art and the public realm in fast developing cities, and in a hyper-connected society.

As part of 'Reading the City’ the panel discussion will explore different perspectives on public art and its relevance today, whilst revealing some of the expectations we place on those developing art in the public realm.

Join this free event that's open to the general public to gain insight from an expert panel including practitioners from Qatar and the UK.

Naho Matsuda’s ’EVERY THING EVERY TIME’ uncovers stories about Doha through data poems!
Photography: Alison Week (2019)

Irini Papadimitriou, Creative Director – FutureEverything

Naho Matsuda, Artist
Layla Bacha, Art Specialist – Qatar Foundation
Abdulrahman Al Ishaq, Head of Public Art Dept. – Qatar Museums

Location: Auditorium, Qatar National Library, Education City, Doha - Qatar
Date: 20 November 2019
Timings: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

To book a place, please register online HERE.

Cover image credit: Photography: Alison Week (2019)

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