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Posted On: 3 July 2019 10:10 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:04 pm

Doha Youth Innovation Award competition is announced

Leena Chung
Leena Chung
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The Ministry of Culture and Sports announced the details of the "Doha Youth Innovation Award", which is directed all young people from the Islamic world, and includes visual arts, photography and short films, in cooperation with the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF), and in partnership with the Visual Arts Center, Doha Film Institute and the Youth Hobbies Center.

The "Doha Youth Innovation Award", which comes in the framework of Doha QIC Youth Capital 2019, aims at developing the spirit of innovation and creativity among young people in various scientific, literary and artistic fields and moving away from stalemate and calcification in thinking and planning; providing an appropriate environment for creative youth to highlight innovative efforts and unleash creative skills; and encouraging young Muslims in the culture of competition and excellence.

Winners of the first three positions in each category of the Doha Youth Innovation Award will be crowned at the closing ceremony of the Doha QIC Youth Capital in January 2020, in order to value youth skills and creativity in the various artistic and creative fields of the young participating delegates.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have invited youth from Muslim countries to register to participate in the Doha Youth Innovation Award in the three categories via

In remarks to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Director of Youth Affairs Department at the Ministry of Culture and Sports Hussein Rashid Al Kubaisi said that the Ministry seeks to attract the largest number of Muslim youth, therefore, the Ministry was keen on diversifying the activities of the "Doha QIC Youth Capital 2019" to suit the diversity of the interests of young people in all Islamic countries and societies. Hence the idea of the Doha Youth Innovation Award includes areas of interest of young people everywhere, which are photography, visual arts and short films.

Al Kubaisi explained that the most important conditions for participation are that the participant of both genders must be between 18 and 30 years, and that the work presented must be original in the idea and implementation, and that the participation must be by youth of members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation or representatives of Muslim communities.

Visual Art Category

The visual arts award focuses on the areas of painting and handwriting, while the photography award has three axes: Islamic values, youth and success stories, and Islamic heritage. The short film award will recognize the top three films which are, according to the evaluation of the judging committees, highlight the importance of youth and its role and impact in the Islamic societies.

The visual arts award of the "Doha Youth Innovation Award" is organized in cooperation with the Visual Arts Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Commenting on this award, Director of the Visual Arts Center, artist Salman Al Malik, told QNA that the visual arts award offers the Muslim youth the opportunity to express various youth issues and the challenges facing them in an artistic way. Registration for participation was opened on June 16 until September 16 via the website.

Al-Malik explained that the visual arts award includes painting and handwriting, and winners of the first three position in the two fields will be crowned during the closing ceremony. In painting competition, which includes contemporary arts and realistic arts, the first winner will be awarded QR 30 thousand, while the second will get QR 20 thousand and the third will get QR 10 thousand.

Meanwhile, in the handwriting competition, which includes Arabic Handwriting (The literary Painting) and Classical Handwriting, the first winner in both fields will win QR 20,000, the second QR 15,000 and the third QR 10,000.

Al-Malik noted that a jury will be formed by a number of Qatari artists and experts, in addition to a number of artistic talents from the Arab countries, adding that a large art exhibition that includes the various participation will be held to express the richness and diversity of arts and creativity in the Islamic countries taking part.

As for the standards for participation in the visual arts award, the competition is specialized in professional artistic works that embody the theme of the award, which is about the youth. The works must be original and not copied from any other sources, and must be new, i.e. not published before or presented to any other competition.

Photography Category

Meanwhile, the photography competition will be held in cooperation with the Youth Hobbies Center, and the registration will be open from July 1 to October 31.

In remarks to QNA, Head of Photography Department at the Center Abdulaziz Al Kubaisi said that the competition is open for Muslim youth to express the motto "Youth is the power of the nation" through three axes - Islamic values, youth and success stories and the Islamic heritage.

Winners of the first seven positions in each of the three axes will be awarded QR 50 thousand, the second QR 40 thousand, the third QR 30,000 and the fourth QR 20,000 while the fifth to the seventh will get QR 10,000.

For the technical criteria for participation in the photography theme, the participant has the right to submit up to 3 photographs in each of the other themes. The photograph must be consistent with the contest theme and interests. The participant can register in at least one theme, and he or she can participate in any of the five themes, provided that he or she participates on behalf of only one country. The participant undertakes that the submitted photographs are his or her own, not duplicated or copied from another source. Submitted photographs must be taken during the five years preceding the closing date of the contest. Digital adjustments to improve (color saturation, cropping, and lighting) are allowed. However, no external elements should be added to the photograph.

Photographs that contradict public morality, or illustrate offensive content to countries, beliefs or persons in any form, directly or implicitly, will not be accepted. Framed photographs that include texts or signatures will not be accepted. Photographs that exhibit violence, incitement to hatred or violation of human or animal rights will not be accepted. Photographs portraying celebrities will not be accepted without submitting a written consent from the photographed person. Submitted photographs must be in JPEG format with high quality 300 DPI, and no less than 2400 pixels for the photographs' largest angle. The size of the image must not exceed 10 MB. The participation of the artist in the contest is an implicit acknowledgment of the intellectual property of the participating works of art.

Short Film Category

For the short films, held in partnership with Doha Film Institute, the participation would be open from June 16 to November 1, 2019, through registration and following up the participation steps on the website. This is to express the "The Nation By its Youth" theme that highlights the importance of youth and their role in the communities and the Islamic nation.

The criteria for this award states that only one film is allowed per participant. The length of the film should be between 1 and 5 minutes. The film may be presented in any language, but must include translation in both Arabic and English (if the film is presented in either Arabic or English, a translation for either language only must be provided). A written permission from each person shown in the film must be obtained, and the written consent of the owner of any site used in the film. Filming brand names in the movie must be avoided. The film should not be uploaded online, on social media or other public platforms before and after it is sent.

Jury committee will be formed to choose the best five films to be screened during the closing ceremony of Doha, Capital of Islamic Youth events, where only 3 films will be awarded. The first prize winner will QR 30,000, second prize winner will receive QR 25,000 and third prize winner will receive QR 20,000.

The film should not have participated in any previous film festivals or contests, The films are to be uploaded to the event's link, and no other means of sending the films would be accepted.

The State of Qatar received the key to hosting Doha as Capital of Islamic Youth for 2019, during the closing ceremony of Al-Quds OIC Youth Capital 2018 in Ankara on March 11. The forum is held under the motto "Youth is the power of the nation", which is the theme of the activities. It is organized under the supervision and organizing of the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events, which is keen to provide all the necessary resources for the success of all the activities of Doha OIC Youth Capital 2019, in order to strengthen the bonds of friendship and respect that links State of Qatar to the countries of the world, especially the countries of the Islamic world.

Source: QNA

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