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Posted On: 24 June 2020 12:38 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani: Director of MoPH's Public Health Department

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Dr. Mohammed Bin Hamad Bin J. Al Thani is one of Qatar medicine's most important people. He has been an instrumental force in driving Qatar's medical system to the position it enjoys today, and has been a driving force behind the strategies implemented in Qatar since the coronavirus (COVID-19) seeped into Qatar to curb the virus from spreading and protecting the people in Qatar so they remain safe and healthy. He has been seen in many of the conferences held in Doha since March 2020 to discuss the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Qatar and the latest developments, but how many of us really know who he is and why he is a prominent figure in Qatar.

Let's introduce you to Dr. Mohammed Al Thani who is the Director of Public Health at the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), a position he’s held since 2008.

As MoPH’s Director of Health

As Director of Public Health, he has developed the Department’s programmes and systems to ensure performance and improve its efficiency and effectiveness. He led the development of Qatar’s first Preventive Health Strategy in 2016.

He has also developed programmes to protect the health of individuals, families and the general community in Qatar. He has placed a high priority in developing the first Public Health Strategy 2017-2022 in Qatar, took part in the development of the National Health Strategy 2018-2022 and continuously conducts clinical research studies in the most ethical and safest manner possible to develop an integrated approach to health prevention and its promotion.

Who's Who in Qatar: Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani: Director of MoPH's Public Health Department
Image credit: MENA FM

In other roles

Dr. Mohammed Al Thani has led a number of national committees in Qatar. These include the National Preventive Health Committee which aims to address the many facets of transitioning from a curative to a preventive health focus and to ensure a robust preventive health governance system is in place.

He is also the Chair of the Public Health Implementation Committee, Co-Chair of the National Cancer Committee, Deputy Chair for the Enhanced Health Protection Taskforce and member of the National Public Health Committee.

His other affiliations include being the Associate Professor of Clinical Healthcare Policy and Research (courtesy) at Weill Cornell Medical College, Qatar Executive Board Member, and Member of the Executive Board of Health Ministers’ Council, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Who's Who in Qatar: Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani: Director of MoPH's Public Health Department
Image credit: Sidra Medicine

As an author

Dr. Mohammed Al Thani has published over than 60 articles in the Lancet Global Health, BMJ, BMC Public Health, BMC Nutrition, Journal of public health research, Infectious diseases journal of translational medicine, journal of epidemiology and global health, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, International Journal of Dental Hygiene, the Journal of Nutrition, JMIR Diabetes, Vaccines Journal, the international Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, the Journal of Infectious diseases, East Mediterranean Health Journal, the Cureus Journal of Medical Science, Emerging Infectious Diseases journal, Pan African Medical Journal.

His education

Dr. Mohammed Al Thani is a graduate of Cairo University’s Faculty of Medicine (1998). He went on to receive an Arab fellowship in Community Medicine in 2006, and a Fellowship from the Faculty of Public Health in London in 2010. In 2014, he obtained a Masters in Business Administration from HEC Paris – France (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris), and has moved from strength to strength since.

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