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Posted On: 18 November 2020 05:00 pm
Updated On: 18 November 2020 02:56 pm

Sheikh Mohammed "Moe" Abdulla Al Thani: First Qatari to Climb Mount Everest and all seven summits

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Sheikh Mohammed "Moe" Abdulla Al Thani: First Qatari to Climb Mount Everest and all seven summits

Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Al Thani, more popularly known as "Moe Al Thani" is a Qatari with a mission to "inspire others to reach their dreams". He is the first Qatari to reach the peak of Mount Everest and all seven summits in the world. He's also been to the North Pole and the South Pole. His aim has been to put the title of 'Grand Slam' to his achievements and become one of only 50 people in history and the first Qatari to ever reach this title (Moe Al Thani Press Release), and he's done it.

On 11 November 2020, Moe Al Thani scaled the Ama Dablam peak in Nepal, and added another mountain to his credit. He had wanted to climb this beautiful peak in 2009 on his second visit to Nepal (he first visited in 2008 with his family), when he was at the base camp of Mount Everest, but his opportunity only came now - after 11 years.

He loves being in the mountains. They make him happy he says.

Moe Al Thani is also a man with many visions, and he has been lucky that he's been able to bring those visions to the light and turn them into a reality.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Moe at his lovely restaurant Twisted Olive in Burj Doha and find out more about the person he is, where he finds his passion from and how he wants to be an inspiration to others not only in Qatar, but also other parts of the world.

Before we do that, let's tell you a little about who he is.

Moe Al Thani's background

Moe belongs to the Al Thani family from his father Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Thani's side, and also to the Al Qasimi royal family in the United Arab Emirates from his paternal grandmother's side, who is the ruling Amir of Sharjah's sister. Born on 16 June 1982, Moe was raised in Sharjah and moved to Qatar just recently - in 2018 - to raise his four children (three boys and one girl).

Sheikh Mohammed "Moe" Abdulla Al Thani: First Qatari to Climb Mount Everest and all seven summits
Image credit: Moe Al Thani

Moe is an entrepreneur with a vision.

He has a Masters in Business Administration degree from the American University of Sharjah (2006), and started his first venture as an entrepreneur with, a travel agency and website, which he started with three of his friends in 2007 in Sharjah, and he hasn't looked back since. He a gym in Qatar called 'Altitude Elite' in Lusail, as well as the restaurant we mentioned above. He spends a lot of time with his different ventures, and is loved by all his employees who stand by him like a rock.

Moe is a philanthropist and is the brand ambassador of Reach Out to Asia (ROTA).

On his website, he tells us about ROTA being very close to his heart:

"I try to pass on the message and promote the ideology behind ROTA through each one of my expeditions, adventures, business travels as well as through my motivational addresses. Spreading awareness, raising funds and most importantly inspiring the youth to make a difference through their dreams, is what keeps me bound to the ROTA objective.
Sheikh Mohammed "Moe" Abdulla Al Thani: First Qatari to Climb Mount Everest and all seven summits
Image credit: Moe Al Thani
"Focussing mainly on projects based in deprived and war struck countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Iraq, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Yemen, and now Syria, I believe in the power of the youth to bring about sustaining peace and fast paced progress in these countries, and I will do all I can to make this happen at the earliest."

In fact, Moe climbed Mout Elbrus in collaboration with ROTA because (in his own words)"

“I am moved by causes that motivate people to move; to change their perceptions or the way things have always been in the search for something better. With each climb, I move out of my comfort zone but come closer to becoming the individual I aspire to be."
Sheikh Mohammed "Moe" Abdulla Al Thani: First Qatari to Climb Mount Everest and all seven summits
Image credit: Moe Al Thani

It took Moe six years to complete all seven summits

Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa (25 February 2010); Mt. Elbrus in Europe (28 August 2012); Kosciuszko in Australia-Bass List (11 October 2012); Mount Vinson Massif in the Antarctica 25 December 2012); Mount Aconcagua in South America (5 January 2013); Mount Everest in Asia (22 May 2013); Mount Denali in North America (2 June 2016). (Moe Al Thani)

The interview.

You've already climbed the seven summits. How does that feel?

"After a hiking and photography trip with friends to Nepal Base Camp, I was struck by the beauty and splendour of the surrounding glorious mountain peaks, each with its own shape, characteristics and majesty, I decided that I wanted to become a mountaineer adventurer to pursue my dream to scale the highest mountains of the seven continents of the world. I embarked on my seven highest mountains challenge quest in 2009 to climb the Highest Summit on each of the seven continents during a period of eight years.
This daring challenge has captured my thoughts and changed the way I view many things in life, it has enriched me with confidence, clarity and extreme focus and vigilance. (Moe Al Thani)"
" Along the way I have learned to appreciate each mountain for its own set of challenges. Every summit is a lesson in patience, and is a call to the notion that ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. (Sport 360)”
"Climbing has made me a better person."

How do you prepare for your mountaineering adventures?

"I train; I tweak my training to be for the mountains. I also mentally train myself to be able to handle whatever comes my way."

What hard skills should a mountaineer have?

"Appreciation, passion, patience, believing you can make it."

What's your secret?

"I am an open book!"

What are you most passionate about?

"Inspiring people!"

Who is your inspiration?

"I am inspired by all the people I meet. However, Kuwaiti mountaineer Zed Al Refai, who was the first Arab to climb Mount Everest and the seven summits has been one of his biggest inspirations."

What would you want to be remembered for?

"I would like to be remembered for being a kind person."

What's your motto?

"The one who fears scaling heights, will forever live between the cracks." (a Tunisian poem by Abdul Qasim Al Shaabri)

Have you made mistakes along the way? What are these mistakes?

"I focus on the details (of what I do) and, sometimes, forget to see the whole picture."
Sheikh Mohammed "Moe" Abdulla Al Thani: First Qatari to Climb Mount Everest and all seven summits
Image credit: Moe Al Thani

How would you describe yourself in five words?

"Motivated, focussed, determined, patient, a good planner and passionate."

What's your favourite travel destination?

"I love getting lost in remote areas."

What's your favourite food?


What's your favourite movie?

"Mr. Holland’s Opus."

What's your favourite book?

"The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho"

What's the best advice you can give people?

"You have to manage your expectations, especially the first time you step out of your comfort zone."

Follow Moe on social media to learn more about his adventures and how to support causes around the world.

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Video credit: Reach Out To Asia TV