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Posted On: 28 April 2021 01:00 pm
Updated On: 28 April 2021 02:18 pm

Qatar's champion pool player Waleed Majid

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Waleed Majid is Qatar's professional and award-winning professional pool/billiards player. He was born on 22 September 1987 and has been in the game for almost 21 years now. His passion for pool began at the age of 9 when he used to watch his father play. Since then, Waleed felt that this was his game and he would become a great player one day.

He studied till the 9th grade, after which he went into billiards coaching. This took him to the Qatar billiard national team which he joined in 2016 and continues to represent. in a local and international capacity.

Qatar's champion pool player Waleed Majid
Image credit: Waleed Majid Official FB

1. How do you feel about representing Qatar in the world of pool?

Waleed: I am so proud of it and I try to keep Qatar’s reputation as high as I can in the world of pool.

    2. How many awards have you won so far, and which award are you hoping to win next?

    Waleed: I have won more than 35 titles locally and internationally. One time 5th place in the pool world cup 2015. 3 times I ranked 9th in the world. I have been Middle East champion, GCC champion, Arab champion, West Asia champion, Qatar Open champion, Ramadan Open champion and the New Jersey Open champion.

    For my next award, I am looking for the world championship title.

      3. What are your favourite things to do, besides pool?

      Waleed: Football and poetry reading.

        4. Who are your favourite sportspersons?

        Waleed: From sports, it's Nasser Al Attiyah "The Superman", and from outside sports, the great and hardworking Sharifa Al Sai.

        5. How did you earn the nickname ‘The Black Mamba’?

        Waleed: From the Canadian professional pool player John Morra.

          Qatar's champion pool player Waleed Majid
          Image credit: Waleed Majid Official FB/80-147 Photography

          6. Where will you go from here?

          Waleed: I would like to continue earning world titles, so I can become the first Arab legend in this field.

            7. Who is your inspiration?

            Waleed: My ultimate inspiration is my father, but unfortunately, he passed away in 2017. At the moment, my inspiration, in addition to my father, is my best friend Fahad Al Saadi and Ahmed Rashid Al-Tamimi.

              8. What would you like to be remembered for?

              Waleed: I want everyone to know that Arabs are capable of being great in this field and reflect their good behaviour so they can be idols for other people in future.

                9. What do you consider to be your career highlight?

                Waleed: My career highlight was in 2014/2015 because my achievements at that time allowed me to support myself without relying on anyone.

                  10. What’s the biggest factor that has helped you be successful in what you do?

                  Waleed: My hard times, my passion to be the greatest in pool and my dream to reach the top.

                    11. What mistakes have you made along the way?

                    Waleed: I think that I didn't participate in any events during 2015/2016.

                      Qatar's champion pool player Waleed Majid
                      Image credit: Waleed Majid Official FB

                      12. What was the hardest decision you ever had to make?

                      Waleed: When I decided to leave my family and travel alone to Qatar on 12 June 2009 and depending on myself only.

                        13. How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

                        Waleed: I can't live without challenges!

                          14. What's the best thing about what you do?

                          Waleed: The challenge, the enthusiasm, and deep concentration.

                            15. What are you most passionate about?

                            Waleed: To never give up following my goals and dreaming.

                              16. What do you think are the secrets behind getting to where you are?

                              Waleed: Keeping in mind that I always need to look after my family. This what makes me stay strong and positive all the time.

                                17. What are your future plans?

                                Waleed: Being clever, improving my performance through hard training and participating in all major events worldwide. Also, I would want to be supported by great sponsors.

                                  18. What hard skills should someone in your field have?

                                  Waleed: Confidence is a significant factor that determines success.

                                    19. What soft skills should someone in your field have?

                                    Waleed: Patience in making decisions and not celebrating the win too early.

                                      Qatar's champion pool player Waleed Majid
                                      Image credit: Waleed Majid

                                      20. What are your hobbies?

                                      Waleed: Music and reading poetry.

                                        21. What are your favourite travel destinations?

                                        Waleed: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the US.

                                          22. What is your favourite food?

                                          Waleed: Biryani.

                                            23. What is your motto in life?

                                            Waleed: There is always a light after deep darkness.

                                              24. Is there any message you’d like to give the people in Qatar?

                                              Waleed: Don't ever let go of your passions and things you love. Because these are the things that make you feel alive.

                                              And finally, I would like to share my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the CEO of Ali Bin Ali Group Mr. Adel Ali bin Ali, the owner and executive manager of Tarteeb company for event planning Mrs. Sharifa Al Sai and NF broadcasting company for their endless support. And, I will always do my best to shoulder this great responsibility and put in all my efforts to represent Qatar in all major events worldwide.

                                              And, I want to thank I Love Qatar, as well, for giving me this great opportunity to introduce myself to you.

                                              Get to know more about the Black Mamba through his social media pages:

                                              Cover image credit: Waleed Majid