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Posted On: 8 August 2022 01:00 pm
Updated On: 8 August 2022 04:32 pm

Ahmed "AAMEGHESSIB" Al-Meghessib: dominating the football field virtually and in reality

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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They say that when love and skill work together, you should expect a masterpiece. And that is exactly how Ahmed "AAMEGHESSIB" Al-Meghessib is conquering the world of football. And not just the physical field, Al-Meghessib is known to rule the virtual land of football as well.

Ahmed Al-Meghessib is a professional football player: a midfielder for Al-Duhail Sports Club and the Qatari National Team, and a professional e-sports player: recognised as the top online FIFA player in Qatar. His double professional title is an incredible feat and creates a great Red Bull Qatar athlete. Having graduated from the Aspire Academy, Ahmed Al-Meghessib received quality education that helped him improve in his chosen field.

As he prepares to champion aspiring e-sports professionals, Al-Meghessib's self-growth doesn't stop. At 19 years old, Al-Meghessib made his international debut at the FIFA Interactive World Cup. He is also the face of Red Bull Qatar's AAMeghessib's Back-2-Back, a unique e-sports platform for FIFA 22 on PlayStation 5.

Join AAMeghessib's Back-2-Back e-sports competition by registering here! Don't miss the chance to show your skills and win this national competition. Registration is open only until 20 August 2022.

In this article, the (ILQ) team brings you an exclusive Q&A with the football prodigy Ahmed Al-Meghessib who has impeccable control over his footwork on the field and the screen.

1. How do you feel about representing Qatar in professional and e-sports football?

Image credit: Naim Chidiac via Red Bull Content Pool

AA: I am extremely proud to represent Qatar. It is an honour that I will always be grateful for. I do my best to bring great achievements to Qatar. Representing the country is always an indescribable experience.

2. How did you start to be an e-sports FIFA player?

AA: I saw a tournament ad in a newspaper once, and I participated. When I won the tournament is how my e-sports journey started.

3. Why did you choose this profession?

AA: I have an undying passion for football, and somehow, I had the talent to play the virtual one too. So I kept going and achieved my goals.

4. How would you relate your pro-e-sports career with your football career?

AA: My footbaIl career and professional e-sports career are similar in a way, that both require many tactics. Knowing how to apply the many formations perfectly and studying these formations are equally important in football and esports.

5. How do you think you've impacted the e-sports community?

AA: I am confident that I showed the community that anyone is capable of making a career in esports.

6. What has been your most intense game in e-sports, and what do you consider to be your career highlight?

AA: Last year's game versus Musaed Al Dossary (Saudi Arabia) was intense when we qualified for the E-Nations Cup. My career highlight was winning the rest of the world's regional qualifiers and qualifying for the World Cup 2017. I also participated in the FIWC (FIFAe World Cup), which has been my biggest tournament. It felt great putting my country and my name on the biggest stage.

7. What tip would you give those who have just started playing FIFA?

AA: Practising and practising is the main key. Also, learn from your favourite FIFA players when they stream. You can also download tips from videos on social media platforms.

8. Do you have a pre-game ritual? What is it?

Image credit: Ashraf Ghannam via Red Bull Content Pool

AA: I didn't have a specific ritual for the last two years. I analyse the games I've played and other games. And I also warm up with a friend by playing a game with him before any tournament.

9. Who is your inspiration?

AA: My inspiration would be Cristiano Ronaldo. The mindset he has is something different. I try to learn from him to be as consistent as him.

10. What are you most passionate about?

AA: I am most passionate about football. Even after going pro in e-sports, I still think playing football is different.

11. What are the secrets behind getting to where you are?

AA: Hard work and sacrifice have led me to where I am now.

12. What did you dream of becoming as a child?

AA: I dreamt of being a football player, and alhamdulillah made it. Even though I've reached my dream of becoming a football player, I must keep going.

13. Do you think your younger self would have loved your current status in life?

AA: Of course! God gave me the opportunity to do something that I love and enjoy that's a blessing not many may have, so I say Alhamdulillah! I will forever be grateful for the skills I have improved upon and gained along the way.

14. What is your ultimate goal?

AA: I don't have an ultimate goal. Every day I try to be a better version of myself.

15. What do you think you struggle most with as an e-sports player?

Image credit: Ashraf Ghannam via Red Bull Content Pool

AA: One of the biggest struggles as an e-sports player would be the lack of events in the local scene in Doha and the region.

Unfortunately, we don't have as many events outside qualifiers and tournaments organised by the game developers in the competitive scene as other regions have. I wish this would change very soon.

16. How do you connect with your fans?

AA: I used to stream on Twitch and connect with them, but I stopped after the pandemic and got busy with my schedules.

I plan to go back to FIFA23 and have a discord channel where participants can get in-depth details about my gameplay. My discord channel can also be a great platform for my fans to connect with each other!

17. How do you think you can further strengthen your capabilities?

AA: I will improve by analysing what I do and working harder at it. But doing this, I'll eventually get even better at what I'm already good at.

18. If there was one thing you could change about the sports you play, what would it be?

AA: For e-sports, I hope competitions would all be LAN (Local Area Network). No online qualifiers because connections and servers are still a big issue.

19. What do you think about Qatar hosting the World Cup?

AA: With the World Cup being organised in Qatar, I'm an extremely proud Qatari citizen who is excited about what my country has achieved.

20. What memorable lesson have you learned from your family?

AA: I have learnt a lot from my parents. They have been with me since I was young and helped me grow into who I am. The life lessons they have given me throughout my life are things I take to heart and treasure.

21. How do your loved ones support you during your games?

AA: My loved ones are one of my biggest supporters. They watch my matches and games. Regardless of the result, they're always positive and supportive of me.

22. How different are you at home with your family versus out in the public?

AA: There's not much of a difference. I'm the same guy you see in public and at home. I feel more comfortable with my family, like everyone else.

23. What's your comfort food?

AA: I like pasta a lot! I like to have it often, whenever and as much as possible. You know, I eat it almost every day.

24. What's your motto in life?

Image credit: Naim Chidiac via Red Bull Content Pool

AA: I don't have a specific quote in mind. I take life as it comes. Know that every day you live is a second chance to making things better.

Watch here our 2-minute video with Ahmed "AAMEGHESSIB" Al-Meghessib!

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