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Posted On: 10 August 2022 03:00 pm
Updated On: 10 August 2022 03:39 pm

Things to do in the Qatari desert

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Desert activities qatar

Qatar is home to a vast desert that provides residents and visitors with many activities to enjoy, including some adrenaline-pumping ones!

If you're looking for the same here, you're in for a ride! Many tour operators in Qatar provide you with these activities.

The (ILQ) team has put together a list of things you could do in the Qatari desert and enjoy with your family and friends. Are you ready?

Desert Glamping

Glamping in Qatar at these camps and rentals in Qatar
Image credit: Sarab Camp

Experience the desert and traditional Qatari hospitality in comfort with these desert glamping tents, complete with a day full of activities and a bonfire experience under the starry sky. Do you want to do this?

Quad Biking

Quad Biking
Image Credit: Shutterstock

    Drive this sand-friendly vehicle, also known as a quad-ATV bike, specially designed for sporting activities. Sealine and Mesaieed desert areas are popular for this. You can rent these buggies from many adventure and tour companies in Qatar. Follow the instructions as it can be tricky to drive one in the sand.

    Dune Bashing

    Dune Bashing
    Image Credit: Shutterstock

      This is a must-do when in Qatar! Go up the dunes and glide down a 4x4, which is a thrilling experience. Khor Al Adaid is a great place to do this, and you can choose from the many tour companies that offer this!

        Spot Desert Rose Crystals

        Must try things in Qatar for visitors this 2022!
        Image credit: Shutterstock

        Do you know about this unique phenomenon called the desert rose crystal? It is made up of gypsum and sand and naturally occurs in the deserts of Qatar. These can be found near Umm Bab and the northwestern desert area of Qatar. You can book a tour through an operator and spot these beautiful desert roses. Please don't step on them or pick them up from their natural landscape.

          Camel Rides

          Things Qatar 2022 visitors must try
          Image credit: Shutterstock

          Have you ever done a camel ride before? Ride these majestic creatures in the desert, and you will also be able to get those Instagram-worthy clicks here!

          Enjoy The Sunset

          Qatar Desert
          Image credit: Shutterstock

          The desert forms that perfect backdrop to catch the sun setting over the dunes. This is a sight to behold as it will help make some memorable moments. Will you be doing this?

          Majlis Experience

          majlis qatar
          Image credit: Shutterstock

          The majlis experience is something that gives you an insight into the Qatari lifestyle and hospitality. While you're enjoying your desert safari doing dune bashing, camel riding or quad biking, you can also rest in an Arabian tent, where refreshments are served.


            Have you tried any of these desert activities before? Which of these are you excited for? Do let us know in the comments below. Do share this article - it keeps us going!