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Posted On: 22 July 2019 04:45 pm
Updated On: 11 March 2022 03:43 pm

List of professions ineligible to get driving license in Qatar

ILQ Staff
ILQ Staff
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List of professions ineligible to get driving license in Qatar

We all know that it's a legal requirement to obtain a valid license to drive in Qatar. The Traffic Department is the official authority for issuing driving licenses. However, some job categories are ineligible for light-vehicle licenses and this has been done amid a push to reduce the traffic congestion in the country.

The ban refers to job titles indicated in an individual's Qatar ID (QID). Scroll down to see if your profession allows you to get a license or verify with any driving school if your profession is eligible to obtain one.

List of job categories ineligible to get a driving license

List of professions ineligible to get driving license in Qatar
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According to Karwa Driving School when we call on 10 March 2022 at 4:04 pm, below is the unofficial translation of the updated list of professions not eligible to apply for a Qatari driving license. However, you can also contact the Traffic Department for 'necessary and exceptional approvals'.

Electric technician Waiter Furniture upholstery worker
Gypsum worker Laundry worker Curtain installer
Technical assistant Prayer caller (Muezzin) Curtain upholstery worker
Service worker Rescue worker Assistant builder
Watchman Security guard Connections technician
Horse trainer Gate guard Digger
Laborer Lift worker Bricks builder
Sailor Shipping worker Mixer operator
Servant Carrier Concrete blacksmith
Nanny Packing and grinding worker Manufacturing worker
Farmer Irrigation worker Designing technician
Blacksmith Gardener Civil technician
Bakery worker Agricultural worker Construction technician
Painter Wood seller Juice maker
Herdsman Horse hostler Kebab maker
Fisherman Hodder worker Henna maker
Tailor Machine operator Goldsmith
Calligraphy technician Tailoring worker Gravedigger
Shoemaker Plaster worker Animal caretaker
Grocery worker Tailor Milkman
Tiles worker Embroider Plaster technician
Builder General typing Ceramic worker
Butcher Stamp maker Tyre worker
Service worker Crusher machine operator Cook’s assistant
Nutrition worker Glass technician Barkeeper
Industrial service worker Marble technician Key technician
Hotel service worker Metal-casting technician Massage worker
Financial services worker Tiles technician Salesman
Vegetable seller Pastry maker Cashier
Plumber Vinegar maker Fishing net maker
Sea shipment worker General manufacturing worker Accounts technician
Land shipment worker Ice maker Pharmacy assistant
Jeweler Plumber assistant Newspaper sellers
Air cargo worker Lathing worker Computer programmer
Cook AC technician Computer programmer technician
Typist Whitesmith House manager
Boat carpenter Electric welder Communication assistant
Beauty salon worker Pipes welder Health and safety technician
Welder Oxygen welder Paramedic
Translator General equipment mechanic Architecture technician
Painter Glass installer Coffee boy
Welding technician Installation electrician Decorator assistant
Installation technician General electrician Dental technician
Maintenance technician Lift electrician Page maker
Mechanical technician Telephone central electrician Woodcutter
Barber Installation technician Sculptor
Baking mixer General carpenter Television technician
Meat, shawarma, and sandwich griller Construction carpenter Mining technician
Falafel maker Décor carpenter
Sweets maker Upholstery worker

    Driving license for housewives?

    Housewives sponsored by their husbands are eligible to secure driving licenses in Qatar.

    Motorcycle licenses for all!

    List of professions ineligible to get driving license in Qatar
    Image credit: Shutterstock

    At the time when many jobs have been banned from getting light-vehicle licenses, the authority has also allowed all categories to take motorcycle licenses. Also, heavy-vehicle licenses are allowed for workers.


    Did you see your job category on the list, or your profession is eligible to get a driving license? Leave a comment below! And share this article—it keeps us going!