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Posted On: 1 February 2023 04:30 pm
Updated On: 1 February 2023 04:51 pm

How to get international driving license in Qatar

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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How to get international driving license doha qatar

An International Driving License or an International Driver's Permit is a United Nations-regulated document required for you to be able to drive in over 150 countries outside Qatar as per the 1949 Geneva Convention.

If you're travelling overseas soon and would like to drive there, the (ILQ) team has put together the steps to obtain the International Driving License in Qatar. Let's go!

Who are eligible to apply for an international driving license in Qatar?

People with a valid Qatar Driving License are eligible to apply.

Where to apply for an international driving license in Qatar?

  1. The Qatar Automobile And Touring Club (QATC) is where you can apply for the International Driving Permit and Carnet De Passage in Qatar.
    1. Details:
      1. Phone: +974 7478 4371
      2. Time: Sat-Thu: 8 am - 12 pm; Fri: closed
      3. Location:
  2. You can also apply via some travel agencies and driving schools in Qatar.
    1. Travel agencies:
      1. Darwish Travel Company
      2. Mannai Air Travel
      3. Deluxe Travels
    2. Driving schools:
      1. Al Khebra Driving Academy

What are the documents required to apply?

The documents are the same for Qatar Automobile And Touring Club (QATC), travel agencies and driving schools.

  1. 2 passport-size photographs
  2. Copy of valid Qatar Driving License
  3. Copy of Qatar ID
  4. Copy of Passport
  5. QR 150 (Please note that as per Mannai Air Travel, they charge QR 175. Only cash is accepted at QATC.)

How to apply for an international driving license in Qatar?

Take the listed documents to any of the above-mentioned places, and submit and receive the printed International Driving License.

Please note that only at Al Khebra Driving Academy it is issued the next day. It is issued on the same day for the rest of the places.

What is the validity of the license?

The validity is one year.


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