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Posted On: 9 November 2020 04:00 pm
Updated On: 9 January 2022 05:45 pm

E-scooters in Qatar: Where to buy, rent, and what you need to know

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In recent years, major cities around the world have seen the growth of electric scooter-sharing schemes leading to the increased use of e-scooters. Providing micro-mobility, this new mode of transportation is being hailed as a low carbon alternative to popular modes of transport. If you're interested in riding or owning one, here's what you need to know.

What are e-scooters?

Electric scooters typically have two wheels, a handlebar for steering, a platform to stand on (deck), a stem, brakes, a battery, lights and a small electric motor. It's similar to manual scooters except they are motorized and require periodic charging. This personal mobility device is also typically foldable, making it a more portable option than bicycles.

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E-scooters in Qatar

In Qatar, the use of e-scooters or electric scooters has been gaining popularity especially now that it's getting colder. You've probably seen people in West Bay whizzing by on an e-scooter while heading to work or on the way to the Metro.

Now, there’s even a Facebook group dedicated to users of electric scooters in Qatar. The group currently has 1.7K members and holds different activities in Doha.

Electric scooters in Qatar FB group:

Where to rent e-scooters?

Dockless E-scooters can be rented per minute on-demand in Qatar for short trips thanks to e-scooter rental apps, which work similarly to ride-hailing apps like Uber and Careem. Riders are required to use a helmet and abide by the road safety regulations.

Loop Mobility

Loop Mobility aims to provide the first and last-mile micro-mobility solutions in Qatar through its scooter-sharing service. If you frequent the Corniche, you’ll see Loop scooters scattered along the stretch of the Corniche, waiting to be used.

Installing the app will require you to sign up for an account using your email address and a scanned copy of your QID.

Users can ride in three easy steps:

  • Locate - Through the Loop app, you’ll be able to locate the nearest scooters available through GPS technology.
  • Scan - Once you reach the scooter, just scan the QR code and pay through the app to be able to use it.
  • Ride - You can then hop on the scooter, put on your helmet, and ride to your destination.

How much to ride?

There are three plans that users can choose from with the Basic plan priced at QR 25, the Advanced at QR 50, and the Pro plan at QR 100 (with QR 10 free).

It costs QR 2 per unlock and per minute is at QR 0.75. Loop users can pay using their debit or credit card.

Who can use it? Users must be at least 18 years old and have QID.

Falcon Ride

Falcon Ride, another company aiming to provide e-scooter-sharing in Qatar, is available in West Bay, Katara, Pearl Qatar, and Lusail area. The company has recently signed an exclusive partnership with Swiftmile, a US company providing electric vehicle charging stations as reported in Qatar Tribune.


wer2 established in 2020, provides micro-mobility solutions to commuters using the latest technology and electric-powered vehicles.


Fenix has 3 kinds of e-scooters available: Spirit, Bumblebee, and Fireball. You can get 150 credits for QR 100, 400 credits for QR 200, and 900 credits for QR 300.

Where to buy e-scooters in Qatar?

You can buy e-scooters for adults in Qatar for personal use at the following retailers:

  • Lulu Hypermarket - Electric scooters range from QR 1,199 to QR 1,799
  • Electromax Qatar - They offer Xiaomi electric scooters from QR 1,199
  • For All - Their premium electronic scooter retails for QR 2,499
  • Al Anees - Porodo Electric Urban Scooter 500W is available for QR 1,099
  • Intertec Qatar - Mi Electric scooter starts at QR 1,199
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E-scooters available in Qatar run on speeds ranging from 15 km/h to 30 km/h. The use of safety gear and following road safety rules should always be done to avoid any accident.

Aside from wearing a helmet, you can also use knee pads and elbow pads when riding your e-scooter.

According to Loop Mobility, users can't ride e-scooters on vehicle roads. Racing and stunts while riding are also not allowed.

Loop Mobility also advises the user to refrain from any distracting activities like using mobile phones while riding the e-scooter. According to the company's Terms and Conditions, the e-scooter user must "obey street signs, signals, rights-of-way, road markings and to avoid blocking sidewalks, elevated ramps, bus stops or landscaped areas."

The app also outlines the areas in which users can and cannot use the e-scooters.

Can you bring your e-scooter inside the Doha Metro?

According to Doha Metro, foldable e-scooters are allowed as long as it's folded at all times not used onboard or inside any of the facilities of the Metro. It must not cause an obstruction at any point.

What are the regulations or laws regarding e-scooters in Qatar?

We reached out to the Ministry of Transport and Communications via their email and Twitter account regarding the regulations in Qatar pertaining to the use of e-scooters. We're still waiting for their reply.

Have you tried riding an e-scooter? How did you like it compared to other modes of transportation? Do you think e-scooters will survive in Qatar? Let us know in the comments!