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Posted On: 8 July 2021 05:00 pm
Updated On: 7 September 2021 11:08 am

Top 5 places in Qatar that will make you feel you're in Europe

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Itching to travel out of Qatar but still can't? Whether you want to reminisce about your previous travels or want to be inspired before you finally set foot overseas, we listed down five places that are visually close to foreign attractions so you can feed your wanderlust. Plus you don't have to spend a riyal on flight tickets!


alhazm mall qatar
Image credit: Visit Qatar

Evoking a "regal European atmosphere," Alhazm is designed like a neo-classical baroque monument. The high-end shopping destination is reminiscent of ancient Italian shopping arcades like Milan's famous shopping gallery, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which goes back to the 19th century.

The architectural gem uses original Tuscan marble, olive trees imported from Italy and Spain, verdant gardens, water fountains, and more to achieve the classical European style. Alhazm also has alfresco dining, an outdoor cooling system, and heat-absorbing floors.

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    Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel

    Al Aziziya Boutique Hotel Qatar
    Image credit: Al Aziziya Boutique Hotel

    Located in Aspire Zone, the hotel and its premises take after a Victorian-style castle. Feel like you're staying in an old English country manor at this property with its lush and well-maintained gardens.

      21 High st

      21 high st qatar galeries lafayette doha
      Image credit: 21 High st

      21 High st, located in Katara Cultural Village, is the home of Galeries Lafayette in Doha. The open-air shopping destination is an "intriguing mix of classical Roman style and local traditional architectural heritage." The iconic Parisian department store here in the country comprises three floors and is designed by world-famous architects Bruno Moinard and Claire Betaille.

      The Pearl Qatar

      the pearl qatar qanat quartier venetian charm meets arabian chic
      Editorial credit: Photo Play /

      An artificial island divided into ten precincts, The Pearl Qatar is one of the architectural icons in Qatar. The mixed-use development combines Mediterranean and European architectural styles with traditional design. As a result, visitors can feel like they're in the South of France in Porto Arabia or Venice in Qanat Quartier. In addition, there are residences, food outlets, retail shops, and entertainment centers within The Pearl Qatar, and plazas and gardens.

      Villaggio Mall

      villaggio mall qatar venetian-style
      Image credit: Villaggio Mall Qatar

      Villaggio's most popular feature is its indoor canal where visitors can board the gondolas. But the nod to Italy, particularly to Venice, doesn't stop there. Mall goers can also enjoy the painted sky on the ceiling, which gives the illusion of being under a blue sky all day, the bridges crossing the canals, the street lamps, the Venetian-style buildings on top of the shops, and of course the Via Domo which houses the luxury brands.

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