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Posted On: 13 July 2020 04:22 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

Top 5 outdoor murals (street art) in Doha you need to see

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A mural can transform an ordinary blank wall into a masterpiece. While Doha isn't exactly known as a street art destination, it still has its fair share of commissioned murals that art lovers, tourists, and residents can enjoy. The murals you can see below are not just a form of the artist's expression but also an interpretation of Qatari culture and traditions.

Scroll down to see the top five murals/street art in Qatar that you need to see!

1. Oryx Going Ahead

A larger than life oryx painted on the facade of building 40 at Katara Cultural Village will surely stop you in your tracks. "Oryx Going Ahead" is the masterpiece of Argentinian street artist Martin Ron and the artist's first mural in the Middle East. His other works adorn the walls of cities around the world including Buenos Aires, Estonia, Malaysia, USA, and the UK.

The 11 meters tall masterpiece depicts an Arabian oryx, with the map of Qatar on its forehead, bursting through a wall with the Doha skyline as the background. According to the artist, his intention was to highlight the pride and resilience of the people of Qatar despite the unjust blockade imposed on the country.

Location: outside Building 40, Katara Cultural Village

2. 100 days of blockade

Images: The Fire Station

Visitors of The Fire Station gallery will definitely not miss any of the artworks splashed on the facade of its buildings. Five of the murals are commissioned by Qatar Museums for the "100 days of blockade" initiative and these reflect the artist's take on the blockade imposed against Qatar.

Dimitrije Bugarski's work is the split portrait of Qatar's Amir and Father Amir painted on the former fire training tower in the courtyard while Mubarak Al-Malik presents a massive clenched fist smashing through barbed wire. The other artists are Assil Diab, Ali Al Kuwari, and Thamer Mesfer.

Location: The Fire Station Garage Gallery, Mohammed Bin Thani St, Doha

3. Challenge

image credit: Katara Cultural Village

Outside building 39 at Katara Cultural Village is an imposing mural unveiled in 2019. What makes it amazing is it's actually made up of more than one million mosaic tiles! It features the face of a sailorman whose face glows from the blazing sun. The masterpiece is to commemorate the late Qatari artist Yousef Al Sadaat, known for his unique artworks.

Location: Building 39, Katara Cultural Village

4. Mubarak Al-Malik

Image credit: Mubarak Al Malik

A well-known mural artist in Qatar, also dubbed as Qatar's Banksy, Mubarak Al-Malik uses the Batoola (face covering) frequently in his works along with other elements of Arabic culture and tradition. Aside from abandoned buildings, his other works can be found at Qatar Academy and Hamad International Airport.

This vibrant mural of a Qatari woman in a golden batoola holding an incense with roses blooming among its smoke is a crowd favorite and can be at Katara Cultural Village.

Location: behind building 40 (towards parking) on the wall of the staircase

5. Calligraffiti by eL Seed

Image credit: Qatar Museums

Along one of Doha's busiest roads, one can find 52 "calligraffiti" murals of French-Tunisian artist El Seed. Commissioned by Qatar Museums, the large scale colorful murals depict Arabic calligraphy with different themes of Qatari culture. The artist drew inspiration from common Arabic phrases, poetry, and the Qatari national anthem.

Location: Salwa Road underpass


Cover image: Darlene Madrid

Do you like murals and street art? Which is your favorite in Qatar? Let us know in the comments!