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Posted On: 9 June 2021 04:00 pm
Updated On: 3 November 2022 08:28 pm

Things to do in Al Wakrah Old Souq

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Opened in 2014, Al Wakrah Old Souq, more commonly known as Souq Wakrah, is one of the destinations in the south of Qatar.

The traditional seaside market is a nod to Al Wakrah's heritage as a fishing village. While Souq Waqif is more popular, Al Wakrah Old Souq is still worth checking out, especially if you love less crowded places. Here are some of the things you can do when you visit Souq Wakrah!

    Wander around the alleyways

    al wakrah old souq alleyways Qatar
    Image credit: Shutterstock

    Reminiscent of a traditional Arabian village and market, part of Souq Al Wakrah's charms is its winding alleyways which lead to the beach and corniche.

    Walk around the alleyways and courtyards and check out what hidden gems you can find. These passageways are popular with photographers and photography enthusiasts in Qatar.

    Try the different cuisines at Souq Al Wakrah

    al wakrah old souq restaurants Qatar
    Check out the restaurants at Souq Wakrah's seaside

    There are restaurants along the seaside, facing the parking lot, and a grills section behind the meat & vegetables market.

    The cuisine is varied, although seafood is the most popular fare here. For grilled seafood, try Danat Al Bahar BBQ Fish, try Yemeni cuisine at Al Fanar restaurant facing the beach, have Italian food at Mercato Antico, cool down with ice cream from Gharissa, or gobble down diner food at Bennigan's facing the spacious parking area.

    Read our detailed guide on where to eat here: Where to eat at Souq Al Wakrah

      Explore different shops & buy local

      meat vegetables fruits market al wakrah old souq Qatar
      One of the markets you can check out at Al Wakrah Old Souq

      There are markets and shops that you can check out at Souq Wakrah.

      Out of the 10 zones of Al Wakrah Old Souq, 5 of them have dedicated markets/sections for different products such as dates, nuts, fish, cheese, flowers, sweets, women's accessories, perfume, gold, souvenirs, meat, vegetables, fruits, spice, handicrafts, utensils, swords, carpet, birds and animals, wood, and marine equipment.

      Abu Manaratain Mosque

      Abu Manaratain Mosque at Al Wakrah Old Souq Qatar
      Abu Manaratain Mosque at Al Wakrah Old Souq

      While there are a few mosques in Al Wakrah Old Souq, there's one you shouldn't miss out on.

      Abu Manaratain Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in the municipality, is located within the Old Souq. According to AFAR, the mosque only has one minaret even though 'Manaratain' means two minarets.

      Al Wakrah Old Souq Family Beach

      Al Wakrah old souq family beach Qatar
      You can find old dhow boats on the sand as well as seats

      Dotted with old dhow boats along the sand, the Souq Al Wakrah Family Beach requires swimmers to adhere to proper swimwear. Pets, smoking, fire, barbeque, camping, and photography are not allowed on the beach. Swimming is not allowed after sunset.

      Not a fan of swimming? There are plenty of seats along the beach where you can just sit down, and people-watch or stare at the horizon.

      Go for a run or bike along the promenade

      al wakrah old souq promenade Qatar
      You can jog, run or bike at the other end of the promenade

      In front of the playground* located at the other end of Al Wakrah Old Souq, is a promenade where you can freely bike and walk without people getting in your way.

      Pearl Roundabout

      pearl roundabout al wakrah municipality qatar
      The famous Pearl monument of Al Wakrah

      One of the famous old roundabouts, the Pearl monument has since been relocated between Al Wakrah Old Souq and the Al Wakrah port after the upgrading works of the Al Wakrah main road.

      If you're walking along the seaside part of the souq, you surely won't miss this towering icon- a landmark of Al Wakrah city.

      How to get to Al Wakrah Old Souq

      al wakrah old souq qatar
      Sit and relax at one of the many seats facing the sea at Al Wakrah Old Souq.
      • Location: Al Wakrah Old Souq
      • By private car: From Souq Waqif, it's easy to get to Al Wakrah Old Souq via Al Matar street and Al Wakrah Main Road. Travel time is around 26 to 30 minutes approximately.
      • By Doha Metro: You can reach Al Wakrah by taking Doha Metro Red Line South and getting off at Al Wakrah station. You can take metrolink 127 to reach Souq Al Wakrah.
      • By bus: You can take Bus Route 129 and a taxi to the souq after getting off at the last stop.

      Want more? Watch our video here!

      Al Wakrah Old Souq rules

      al wakrah old souq qatar
      One of the alleyways to the seaside.

      Not allowed inside the souq are:

      • Littering
      • Scooters
      • Hoverboards
      • Bicycles
      • Cars
      • Pets
      • Modest clothing is also recommended (as per the image above)


        How many times have you been to Souq Al Wakrah? What's your favourite spot there? Let us know in the comments!