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Posted On: 9 January 2023 03:30 pm
Updated On: 11 January 2023 09:54 am

What to see and do at North Sedra Farm

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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North sedra farm qatar guide

Are you looking to get away from urban city life in Doha? Take a trip to the North Sedra Farm, where you can spend the day feeding animals and picking fresh fruits and vegetables, enjoy kids' activities, learn about Qatar's history, and much more!

The (ILQ) team visited North Sedra Farm and got to know the different activities available for your visit! Read on and enjoy!


  • The entrance fee is QR 20 per child and adult. Children below 2 years old are free.
  • Activities use a coupon system that is purchased separately.
    • 3 coupons are QR 30
    • 6 coupons are QR 50
  • The entrance fee can be paid by cash or card.
  • We recommend carrying cash with you, as the coupons are only available for purchase by cash.

    Corridor of Windows

    Corridor of Windows
    Browse through vintage items and look into animal enclosures.

    The first thing you'll see is the hall of corridors with large windows overlooking different animal enclosures. The hall is decorated with vintage items, from typewriters to alarm clocks.

    Each window gives visitors a full view of the resident animals of North Sedra Farm, such as the Arabian Oryx, deer, cows, donkeys, ostriches, and more. Infographics of the animals in view are displayed as well, giving guests a few fun facts about the magnificent creatures.

    • Coupon cost: No coupons are required for this

    Qatar Through History museum

    Qatar Through History
    Look through traditional clothes and tools used by early Qatari.

    At the end of the Corridor of Windows is Qatar Through History museum, which gives guests a look at early Qatari life.

    There are different rooms showcasing old Qatari structures and homes, mannequins in traditional clothing, and antique tools that were once used in their daily lives.

    • Coupon cost: No coupons are required for this

    Animal spaces

    Animals at North Sedra Farm
    There is a large enclosure with different animals altogether!

    Once you step outside the museum, you'll be greeted by animals where you can purchase milk bottles and bundles of grass to feed them.

    This is a wonderful activity for all ages to enjoy and get up close and personal with the creatures. You'll find farm animals like cows, goats, and chickens and even more exotic animals like llamas, zebras, and deer.

    • Coupon costs for animal feeding:
      • Bundle of grass: 1 coupon
      • Bottle of milk: 1 coupon
      • Bottle of fish feed: 1 coupon

    Camel & pony riding

    Camel and pony riding
    Experience riding a camel or pony (for the little ones) on a guided path.

    Aside from feeding the animals, there is also an area where visitors can experience camel riding and pony riding (for kids only) on a guided path.

    • Coupon costs for riding: 1 coupon

    Cat Café and Sanctuary

    Cat cafe
    Cat lovers are in for a treat!

    One of the newest additions to the farm is the Cat Café and Sanctuary. It is an outdoor enclosure where guests can enjoy refreshments and sweets in the company of the resident cats.

    • Cost: The entrance fee is QR 30 and comes with a small pack of cat treats.

    Dwarf goat playpen

    Dwarf Goat
    Dwarf goats are small in size even through adulthood. How cute is that?

    A great experience is visiting the dwarf goat playpen, where guests can enter for free and interact with the goats.

    Their enclosure is installed with elevated structures and exercise platforms where the dwarf goats love to climb and play. You can bring them food and pet them too!

    • Coupon cost: No coupons are required for this

    Strawberry & vegetable picking

    Strawberry picking at North Sedra Farm
    Just look at those fresh strawberries!

    Experience the unique activity of harvesting fruits and vegetables at North Sedra Farm's greenhouses. Visitors can pick strawberries, cucumbers, lettuce, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, and tomatoes, depending on the season.

    You will be given a small container and a pair of scissors, and you are free to roam and select the produce you want to harvest.

    Watch our video: A weekend getaway at the North Sedra Farm in Qatar!

    • Coupon cost: 3 coupons per person

      Classic Cars museum

      North sefra farm
      Which of these do you want to see up close?

      Are you a fan of vintage cars?

      Don't miss the Classic Cars museum and look at the beautiful vehicles that once ruled the roads. Each is beautifully maintained and looks brand new.

      • Coupon cost: No coupons are required for this

      Kids' activities

      Boat ride at north sedra farm
      The kids will surely enjoy a fun boat ride!

      A few kids' activities are available for the little ones to enjoy. These include a boat ride experience, bumper cars, a large playground, and mini trains!

      • Coupon cost: 1 coupon per kids' activity

        Food stalls

        Food stalls at North Sedra Farm
        Pick up some snacks and refreshments after a day of fun.

        Located in the central square are food stalls where visitors can purchase light snacks and drinks. The available stalls are:

        • Atma Restaurant
        • Nice Time Cafeteria
        • Impresso Specialty Coffee
        • Baba Chapatea
        • Parfait
        • Baby Burger

        Gahwat Emsayan (Qatari Afternoon Tea)

        Gahwat Emsayan
        Image credit: Visit Qatar

        For an authentic Qatari Afternoon Tea experience, head to Gahwat Emsayan where a platter of traditional snacks and sweets such as alaleet, samosa, and luqaimat are served together with authentic brews like gahwa and karak.

        • Timings: Open from 3 pm - 8 pm
        • Cost: QR 180 for 5 people

        Plenty of seating areas

        North Sedra Farm
        Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

        There are plenty of seating areas around the farm where guests can rest, enjoy the outdoors, and maybe even have drinks and snacks.


        • Timings: Friday & Saturday only, from 12:30 pm - 8 pm
        • Contact: +974 6665 0388
        • Location: Ghashamiyya, Al Shamal Road
        North Sedra Farm location
        Click the map for the location of North Sedra Farm!


        Cover image credit: Visit Qatar

        Which of these activities are you most excited to experience? Let us know in the comments! Do share this article - it keeps us going!