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Posted On: 26 April 2021 10:00 am
Updated On: 26 April 2021 11:02 am

Check out these new public art installations by students at Crescent Park!

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Qatar’s public art is absolutely beautiful and thanks to the efforts of Qatar Museums, we get to see and experience these art pieces from some of the world’s renowned artists. As part of its recent unveiling, and in collaboration with Qatari Diar, Qatar Museums has chosen seven artworks from students enrolled in universities across Qatar Foundation, Virginia Commonwealth University, Weill Cornell Medicine, and Qatar University. This comes as part of the first Annual Public Student Art Competition that was announced in February 2020, where students and alumni from universities were called upon to propose and realize a public artwork.

According to Qatar Museums, the participating students were able to experience the making of public artwork, the concepts behind it and also were able to work closely with local fabricators to bring their creations to life. The artworks are currently on display to the public at Crescent Park in Lusail City. Three out of the seven art installations will be selected by a judging panel comprising representatives from Qatar Museums. The ILQ team went to take a look at these art pieces and let’s know a bit more about these wonderful creations by the students!

art installations crescent park
Image Credit: Qatar Museums

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Disclaimer: Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, below are some of the rules set by the government:

  • A maximum of (5) people can gather together in open spaces, including those who have completed both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Play areas in parks, other entertainment activities and areas are closed till further notice.
  • Gatherings or sitting are not allowed in public parks, beaches, and the corniche.
  • Individual sports such as walking, jogging and cycling are allowed, while still closing playgrounds and sports equipment in those places.

Sea Camels/Dugonolith

art installations crescent park
Sea Camels/Dugonolith art installation.
  • Artist Name: Ahmed Mahrous
  • University: Qatar University, Major in Finance/Information Systems

This art installation stands right at the center of the vast green lawns of crescent Park. The installation consists of 6 freestanding Dugonoliths which are strategically arranged to catch the natural light through the coloured filter sheets. Each Dugonolith has the image of a Dugong or a Sea Camel cut into it. This artwork is an ode to the Sea Camels that are native to Qatar. These are endangered and Qatari waters have the second largest population of Dugongs. The materials used by the artist are filtered glass and steel plates.

Gentle Gargantuan

art installations crescent park
Gentle Gargantuan art installation.
  • Artist Name: Hend Jamal
  • University: Qatar University, Majoring in Architecture and Urban Planning

Located near ‘The Arch’ at Crescent Park, this art installation’s aim is to make the viewer aware of the gentle species of whale sharks, which are otherwise to be believed to be killers and angry creatures. The sculpture by the artist is mimicking the Lego blocks, reminding us of our childhood and the playful nature of the whale shark. The material used in this sculpture is MDF or medium-density fibreboard.

Qatar’s Collaborative Matrix

art installations crescent park
Qatar’s Collaborative Matrix art installation.
  • Artist Name: Reema Abu Hassan
  • University: Virginia Commonwealth University, Major in Fine Arts and Design Studies

You can find this art installation right in front of The Arch at the park. Made up of terracotta tiles and aluminum, it draws reference to the country’s collaborative spirit and resilience. The unit is a collaborative piece that allows one to sit, gather, work, talk and collaborate. This is a great piece that allows the user to be a part of the installation itself. The terrazzo tiles are the re-interpretation of the traditional Qatari tiles that have been manufactured here since the 70s and have been used in many homes since then. Recycled pots from handmade ceramics from Clay Encounters Ceramics Studio were used in making the tiles that represent the coming together of individuals to form a whole.

Eyes Do Not Sleep

art installations crescent park
Eyes Do Not Sleep art installation.
  • Artist Name: Shatha Al Riyabi
  • University: Qatar University, Major in Finance

A sculpture made by using 3D printing technology, this artwork is dedicated to the paramedic, doctors, nurses and the frontline medical workers who are risking their lives to protect us. The artists says that these fighters deserve their names to be known, appreciated and recognized. Our eyes are directed to witness them all-around Qatar and to have their names imprinted in our vines. Eyes do not sleep redirect our eyes to the people who actually matter.

The Thaal Family

art installations crescent park
The Thaal Family art installation.
  • Artist Name: Shaden Al Riyabi & Hend Jamal
  • University: Qatar University, Majoring in Architecture and Urban Planning

The aim of these 3D printed sculptures is to raise environmental awareness and shed life on the importance of living in harmony with nature. Red Foxes are seen in low numbers in Qatar and are often subjected to hunting and are prone to road accidents. With a vision to support the Qatari environmental vision in bettering the future for the next generations, this artwork was created.

Balance Bench

art installations crescent park
Balance Bench art installation.
  • Artist Name: Shaden Al Riyabi & Hend Jamal
  • University: Virginia Commonwealth University, Major in Fine Arts and Design Studies

An interactive artwork, it pushes the idea of physical and psychological boundaries on both a political and individual level. It is made of steel and waterproof upholstery, and the seat is unstable. People need to interact with each other to balance the art piece and be able to sit on it properly. This depicts the significance of each other’s presence and collective efforts required to balance things.


art installations crescent park
Image Credit: Shutterstock
  • Artist Name: Hanof Ahmed
  • University: Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar University, Major in Medicine

This artwork showcases a larger-than-life coffee bean inspired by the coffee-loving community in Qatar. Made of stainless steel, bronze, and 18k gold, this 3D sculpture displays engravings of poetry and the beauty of the local language in Arabic calligraphy. The viewer can interpret the art installation the way they want o from their personal experiences too! This artwork is coming soon at Crescent Park.

Crescent Park details

  • Entrance: Free
  • Timings: Sunday to Wednesday: 7 am - 11 pm; Thursday to Saturday & Public Holidays: 7 am - 12 pm
  • Location: Lusail, Doha - Qatar
  • Tel (for complaints, notifications and suggestions): +974 4497 7800

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