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Posted On: 8 December 2022 03:30 pm
Updated On: 8 February 2023 03:27 pm

What to check out at Mina District at Old Doha Port in Qatar

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Mina district old doha port

Did you wonder what those new colourful buildings at the end of the Corniche at Old Doha Port were? The cluster of short, colourful buildings makes up the Mina District.

The (ILQ) team recently visited Mina District to let you know what's in store for you at 'Qatar's own Santorini' and why you should visit soon! Have a wonderful time!

Check out the colourful buildings

Colourful buildings!

The colourful buildings are the first things that catch your attention in Mina District. Spot them in pink, orange, teal, blue, yellow and more.

Walk through the winding lanes and check the docks while admiring the buildings.

Take Instagrammable pics

mina district
That golden hour!

This whole district is a great spot for photography lovers. Go there during the golden hour for some stunning photos and even get that perfect 'sunset-shot'!

Go to the fish market

mina district
How amazing does this look?!

Did you know that there is a fish market in Mina District? It looks stunning and sells fresh catch of the day. This is a must-visit place where you can buy your favourite seafood. There's also a restaurant called Chabrat Al Mina attached to it. Savour straight-from-the-sea and yummy food here!

The opening hours of the fish market are from 2 pm - 12 am daily.

Sit down to eat, shop and do more

mina district
Shop, eat and enjoy!

This place is a great spot for food lovers as you will find many restaurants and cafes. Take a break at one of the numerous coffee shops, eat at the restaurants, have ice cream and enjoy!

Apart from places to eat, this district has many stores selling clothes, beauty products, paintings, oud or perfume, fishing equipment and more.

mina district
Beautiful don't you think?

You will also find a supermarket or a convenience store here! Here's a list of stores that are open currently:


  • 90° Pizza
  • Al Mandarin
  • Arabesq Sweets
  • Bayt Al Waldah Restaurant
  • Bianco Ristorante
  • Bubbly Balls
  • Chabrat Al Mina
  • Chickito
  • Coffee Factory
  • DeLORD
  • Dino Naturalmente Gelato
  • Ergon Cafe
  • Exit 55
  • foodhub
  • Frites
  • Frutiaria
  • Gazal Cafe
  • Hakeem Sweets
  • Karak Mqanes
  • Karak Spicy Cafe
  • King of Chicken
  • Koshari Station
  • La Mesa
  • Layali
  • Le Bleu
  • Lulu's
  • Mashrabiya Lounge
  • OCA
  • Pick & Shake
  • Quill Cafe
  • Robin Cafe
  • Santa Nata
  • Shawarma El Khebez
  • Signature Cafe
  • Sugar & Spice
  • Tala
  • Ten20
  • Tim Horton's
  • W Cafe
  • Zio Pizza
  • Zwenat


  • Addoony
  • Al Jaber Optics
  • Al Maha for Oud and Perfume
  • Al Mahbrah
  • Amara Flowers
  • Bazaar Alfan
  • Blue Beauty
  • Carvers of Peninsula
  • Cashmere Trading
  • Elham Group Luxury Fashion
  • Empire Lines
  • Gifts by Fatma
  • H Jewellery
  • House of Cultures
  • Indulge Beauty & Spa
  • Jilid
  • Saryalia Design & Printing
  • Sports Corner
  • The Muse by Najla
  • The Project


  • Kulud Pharmacy
  • The Hub


  • Al Fardan Marine Services
  • Alhuwalia For Fishing and Marine Equipment
  • Aquarium Specialists
  • Art House
  • Blue+
  • Clay Encounters
  • Fun Waves
  • Gulf Yachts
  • Halul Boats
  • King of Pottery
  • Mshtaq Camping and Fishing Supplies
  • Orca Diving Center
  • Phone Booth
  • Qtr Fish
  • Qatar Souveniers
  • QLive
  • Speed Marine
  • Suzuki Marine
  • Vodafone
  • Watar Kit
  • Yamaha

Check out our video of this place


mina district
Look at this beautiful place!
  • Location:
  • Timings: Mina District: open 24 hours; Shops: different timings
  • Parking: There's ample parking available right outside Mina District and the Box Park area

Have you checked out Mina District yet? What did you like most about it? Let us know in the comments below. Do share this article - it keeps us going!