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Posted On: 22 August 2022 04:00 pm
Updated On: 22 August 2022 04:03 pm

5 things to check out at the Iconic 2022 building

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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The Iconic 2022 building, recognized for its exterior, is a structure made to commemorate the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

The building takes the form of 2022 and can be viewed from many angles, even aerial! Aside from a great photo opportunity and an Instagram-worthy location, this building has several stores you can visit!

In this guide, the (ILQ) team lists five things you can check out here!

The iconic exterior

Things to checkout at the Iconic 2022 building
The Iconic 2022 building takes the shape of the year 2022!

Taking the shape of the year "2022", the Iconic 2022 building is perfect for photographs and is a sight to behold. If you're lucky enough, there are nights when the building is lit up to show decorations projected on its walls.

Take it from any angle, and you'll still get a great view of the "2022" on the building. Aside from the great design, this building is also centrally located.

The iconic cafes

Things to ch
Image credit: Joe's Cafe

Stroll along the facade of the Iconic 2022 building and find a number of cafes that are perfect for hanging out in! Below are the cafes that are currently open here:

  • Basil Cafe
  • December Cafe
  • Flat White Specialty Coffee
  • Joe's Cafe
  • Sweetzerland
  • Starbucks

The iconic restaurants

Things to checkout at the Iconic 2022 building
Image credit: Restore

Apart from cafes, the Iconic 2022 building also has great restaurants to offer its visitors. Restaurants such as Restore and Lean N Fit cater mostly to those looking for clean, detoxifying, healthy food and pre or post-workout snack.

Another restaurant in the building is Char Eclectic Grill, which offers creative dishes and an exciting culinary experience.

The iconic fitness centres

Things to checkout at the Iconic 2022 building
Image credit: Screengrabbed from 9 Round Qatar's Facebook

In the middle of the Iconic 2022 building lies a stretch of fitness centres perfect for fitness freaks. The fitness centres in the building range from circuit training to yoga and more.

Below are the ones that are currently open here:

  • 9 Round
  • Body Storm
  • Edge Fitness
  • F45
  • The Megaformer Studio

On the same floor level as the fitness centres, visitors can also find a beauty salon for ladies called Maison 21. Face Fit Qatar also has an outlet where you can get a facelift and contour done through massages and other techniques.

The iconic Monoprix

Things to checkout at the Iconic 2022 building
Image credit: Monoprix

Monoprix has several stores in Qatar that offer great quality products to its customers. The outlet in the Iconic 2022 building provides its people with an array of high-quality products, including a dedicated organic section with a massive selection of goods.

Aside from that, the building's Monoprix also has niche sections for other products such as technology or electronic devices, premium cheeses, concepts restaurants, and more.


  • Location: Near Aspire Zone, Umm Leghab St., Doha
  • Timings: Vary from individual stores' operating hours
  • Instagram: @iconic2022qa
  • F&B and retail inquiries: +974 4469 9677

Have you visited the Iconic 2022 building? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below! Do share this article - it keeps us going!