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Posted On: 2 November 2021 05:00 pm
Updated On: 29 January 2023 07:38 am

12 must-take day trips within 1.5 hours from Doha

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Qatar has a lot of beautiful places outside the limits of Doha that you can explore, see and enjoy. The cooler weather gives you a chance to venture out more now.

The (ILQ) team has put together a list of must-take day trips for you to explore our beautiful country. Enjoy your long drive to these lovely places and have a great time with your friends and family - let's go!

Note: Please keep Qatar clean. Do pick after your waste, and do not litter when you visit these places!

North Sedra Farm

North Sedra Farm
A must visit place in Qatar!
North Sedra Farm is a great place for a weekend getaway. When the crops are in season, you can go strawberry picking, harvest vegetables, feed the animals, stroll around etc. You can also check out their Classic Cars Museum, Cat Café and Sanctuary, learn about Qatar's history and more! Please check with the establishment if they're open before visiting (call: +974 6665 0388).

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Al Karaana Lagoon

11 must-take day trips within 1.5 hours from Doha
A peaceful location!

Al Karaana Lagoon is one of the most peaceful places in Qatar. You will be surrounded by clear water and lots of green areas around here, and you might find it hard to believe that such a place exists. It is a great spot for nature lovers, photographers, and people who like alone time, away from the city. If you haven't been here yet, you must check it out!

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Arsan Café

11 must-take day trips within 1.5 hours from Doha
Image Credit: Wahyu Hidayat

Also dubbed as the 'northernmost café in Qatar', Arsan Café has gained popularity because of the relaxing and panoramic view it provides visitors from its outdoor seating area. It is located within the Al Ruwais Old Police Station which was restored by Qatar Museums. It now serves as a permanent exhibition space (Heritage Area 22899). Enjoy a breezy evening here, sipping on your favourite drinks and we are sure you'll love it!

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Ghost Town or Al Jumail Village

11 must-take day trips within 1.5 hours from Doha
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Yes, you heard it right. There is a place called Ghost Town in Qatar! It's the other name of Al Jumail Village. This abandoned fishing village gives you a glimpse of what Qatar looked like many years ago. Gather your buddies and take a trip to this place to experience it first-hand. This is also a great place for photography enthusiasts, but remember that it is our responsibility to protect these places in Qatar, too, so please make sure not to litter and pick after your waste when you're here.

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Al Shu'aa Reserve

11 must-take day trips within 1.5 hours from Doha
Image Credit: Qatar Tribune

Al Shu'aa Reserve is a quaint animal reserve with different trees and animals, including tortoises, ostriches, goats, rabbits, Arabian Oryxes, etc. It is a great spot for children as they can see and interact with the animals that are allowed to roam around here freely. You'll find many shaded sitting areas, benches and green spaces where the parents can sit and relax. Will you be going here soon?

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Musfur Sinkhole

Al Shahaniya Municipality Qatar
How cool does this place look?!

This natural wonder, the Musfur Sinkhole is a 16 feet deep sinkhole with an opening of about 40 feet. An unusual place in Qatar, visitors can go here throughout the day, and must keep in mind that there are no steps to descend into it. It is best to go here via a 4x4. It is also important to remember that there are no toilets or resting facilities. Do carry water and snacks with you, and do not litter.

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Al Dosari Zoo and Game Reserve

Al Shahaniya Municipality Qatar
Image Credit: wanderwithmi

Looking for a nice outing spot? Head over to this place today! The Al Dosari Zoo and Game Reserve is a private zoo belonging to the Dosari family. Adults and kids alike will enjoy this reserve as you can see many animals and birds like the Oryxes, Ostriches, Emus, Camels and more here! The ticket is priced at QR 10 per person and the zoo is open for visitors from 7 am - 6 pm, daily

East-West/West-East by Richard Serra

Al Shahaniya Municipality Qatar
Get amazed by these structures!

This marvellous art installation spans over a kilometre in length in the middle of an expansive land. It consists of four steel plates which rise to 14.7 meters and 16.7 meters above the ground. You can spot all four of these structures from an angle and at a distance, do see if you can spot them all together when there! Kindly do not vandalize the art installation - there are strict rules in Qatar against it!

Zekreet Rock Formations

Al Shahaniya Municipality Qatar
Unique things to see in Qatar!

You will find these huge, alien-like rock formations close to the East-West/West-East by Richard Serra art installation. They are about 7 km away from it and are called the Zekreet Rock Formations. Gasp at these mushroom-like structures and note that this is also a favourite place for many astrophotographers in Qatar!

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Zekreet Fort

Al Shahaniya Municipality
A trip to the past!

Zekreet Fort once stood tall and mighty. It was built in the 18th or early 19th century with a unique design. This is a heritage site that you must visit! Please be responsible and do not litter while you're there.

Al Areesh

11 must-take day trips within 1.5 hours from Doha
Image Credit: Asergeev

Located in the northwest of Qatar, Al Areesh was a once-thriving fishing village. It was one of the largest fishermen's settlements in Qatar, with about 40 houses. These, now in ruins, were abandoned once the oil boom in Qatar began. Check out this place to understand the old Qatari ways.

Al Qarma Beach Garden

11 must-take day trips within 1.5 hours from Doha
Image Credit: Qatar Tribune

This beachfront garden is beautiful and only for ladies and children under 10. Located in Al Khor City this garden has greenery and a clean beach. Inside, you'll find different trees and plants, play areas for kids, wooden umbrellas, shaded areas, walking paths, benches, and solar-powered lighting.

How many of these places from the list have you visited? Do let us know in the comments below! Do share this article, it keeps us going!