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Posted On: 16 March 2022 05:00 pm
Updated On: 17 March 2022 12:17 pm

What's in store for you at Baladna Park

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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Baladna Park in Al Khor has a lot to see for kids and adults alike. You will find a themed family park inside the farm, right next to its own factories.

For only QR 35 for adults (ages 13 and above) and QR 55 for kids (ages 3-12), anyone could go to the park for an activity-filled day. The entrance fee already includes the following activities: Animal Zone, Reptile Cove, Kids Adventure Land, Kids Play Area, Jumping Castle, and Foot Billiards. But, there are more paid activities and attractions inside!

Read on to see some of the exciting things you could do at Baladna Park!

Hang around with animals and milk the “cows”!

what's in store for you at baladna park
Get a chance to feed the animals by purchasing vegetables for only QR 10!

Baladna Park was once just a farm filled with sheep and goats. But even now that it has tons of different attractions inside, the farm bit still remains intact with the park's own Animal Zone. In this area, park visitors can roam around and check out the beautiful animals in the park. You can even feed them too! Just for QR 10, you can buy a bag of vegetables to feed the animals inside.

What's in store for you at Baladna Park
Try out cow milking at Baladna Park!

Along the entrance of the park, you'll find three cow statues displayed where kids can enter to "milk the cows" for QR 10. This activity provides a fun experience.

What's in store for you at Baladna Park
Take your kids for a stroll around at the horse/pony ride.

More animal interactions are in store for kids in the park with the Horse/ Pony Riding. Kids can ride around the track for QR 25!

Play around the park!

What's in store for you at Baladna Park
Find this kids' play area right beside the entrance at Baladna Park.

As you walk into the park, one of the first things that you'd notice would be the two big kids' play area by the entrance of the park. These two areas are designed specifically for children to enjoy. With multiple see-saws, swings, slides, and more, this play area inside the park will keep the children entertained.

Kids could also take a ride at the carousel as well as the mini-land rover course and enjoy jumping at the bungee trampoline!

Get pumped up with extreme sports!

What's in store for you at Baladna Park
Major exhilarating fun at the extreme sports: wall climbing, rope course, and zipline!

Adults will have just as much fun as the kids do in Baladna Park with Extreme Sports, Karting, Ninja Warriors, and Archery! The extreme sports attractions offer 3 courses in the park: rock wall climbing (for kids and adults) (QR 20), rope course (QR 25), and zipline (QR 40). Kids and adults that have a height of 145 cm or higher can avail all 3 activities for just QR 75.

Kids below 145 cm, however, can only avail themselves of the wall climbing activity.

What's in store for you at Baladna Park
Shoot 12 arrows for just QR 30 in the archery zone.

Archery is an activity that is not typically found in amusement parks, but Baladna Park's archery would surely make you look for them. The archery zone provides 12 arrows for QR 30. The zone operators are also highly skilled and will provide you with the basics before you start shooting your arrows. This is definitely a must-try activity, especially for those who haven't tried archery.

What's in store for you at Baladna Park
Test your endurance and run through the Ninja Warrior Zone.

Get a taste of how the Ninja Warriors take on their obstacle courses and hang out by their zone at Baladna Park! At just QR 50 and no time-limit, train and run through a safer replica of the Ninja Warriors for an ultimate intense run.

What's in store for you at Baladna Park
Go Karting with your family and friends!

Your greatest competition is the speed in the Karting Zone. Race around the track for QR 60 for adults (141 cm and above) and QR 40 for children (122 cm and above). Get hyped with the sound of zooming cars and test your driving skills here!

Other activities to enjoy

What's in store for you at Baladna Park
Dig up some fossils, gems, and even shells at the Mining Experience.

There are a lot more activities that Baladna Park has in store for kids and adults. One of the interesting activities is the Mining Experience and Green House Zones that are mostly for children. Kids at heart can join as well!

The Mining Experience, for QR 20, will let you dig up fossils, gems, or even shells as it passes through flowing water. You'd not only get to have an amazing sensory experience, but you'd also get to keep the treasure you find too!

What's in store for you at Baladna Park
Bring home your own plant to grow!

The Green House Zone is filled with beautiful plants and flowers inside Baladna Park. Bring home your own plant to grow and let the gardeners inside the park assist you with potting a starter plant!

There are more activities that you can find around the park that you'd surely enjoy: Rodeo Bull, Bicycle Tours, Pottery, Bumper Cars, Bumper Boats, Speed Boats, and Cornhole are just as exciting as the ones mentioned above. Don't be afraid to try out all these activities too! Just make sure to double-check at the entrance which attractions are open for the day.

End your day in the best way - FOOD!

What's in store for you at Baladna Park
Grab a bite at the food stalls inside Baladna Park.

Running low on fuel after enjoying the attractions at Baladna Park? Don't worry, the park has got you covered! The middle area of the park has a small open area with food stalls ready to serve you delicious dishes for kids and adults alike. With the al fresco dining, you get to munch on great food while hearing the fun from all the attractions!


  • Timing:
    • Weekdays: 10 am - 7 pm
    • Weekends:
      • Friday: 12:30 pm - 8 pm
      • Saturday: 10 am - 8 pm
  • Entrance:
    • Adults: QR 35
    • Children: QR 55
    • NOTE: You can click on this link for booking deals for big groups!
  • Location:
What's in store for you at Baladna Park
Click here for the location of Baladna Park!

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