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Posted On: 14 February 2022 04:00 pm
Updated On: 14 February 2022 01:59 pm

7 things to check out at Al Aziziya Family Park

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7 things to check out at Al Aziziya Family Park

Al Aziziya Family Park is one of the many recreational gardens in Qatar. This park provides great happiness and aesthetic pleasure to many families and children living in the nearby areas.

This clean and simple park is at its busiest during the cooler months, with many children visiting the playground on weekends and after-school hours. Scroll down for the things that you will see and enjoy for free when you visit the Al Aziziya Family Park, which is located in the residential area of Al Rayyan Municipality.


7 things to check out at Al Aziziya Family Park
Entrance of Al Aziziya Family Park.

The park has one entrance gate, and beside it is a vacant lot that serves as a parking space for visitors.

Gazebo and seating areas

7 things to check out at Al Aziziya Family Park
Sit and relax under an open gazebo at Al Aziziya Family Park!

The park has one open gazebo and there are 11 benches scattered within the park. The seating areas near the gazebo are great spots to sit and enjoy the views and at the same time to watch over children as the gazebo is located near the playground. The round structure at the center of the gazebo is a water fountain, however, it is currently out of order.

    Children's play area

    7 things to check out at Al Aziziya Family Park
    The colorful playground at the Al Aziziya Family Park.

    At the far left area upon entrance are slide stations, climbing paths, swing for toddlers and older children, a monkey bar, balance beams, etc. that attract kids to the park. The playground is well-shaded to protect children from direct sunlight, especially during summertime.

    Trees and seasonal flowers

    Trees and seasonal flowers will greet you upon entry at Al Aziziya Park.

    There are a number of palm trees and a variety of healthy adult trees inside the park. As there are no covered seating, shades under the huge trees are favorite places amongst visitors who opt to sit while studying, reading a book, listening to music, or chatting quietly with family. Seasonal flowers of different colors add calm and beauty to the park.

    Lush green grass

    7 things to check out at Al Aziziya Family Park
    Oh, the lovely smell of freshly-cut and watered grass in the morning!

    The far-right corner of the park is covered in a green carpet of well-maintained grass. Young children are allowed to play with lightweight balls in this area.

    Walking track

    7 things to check out at Al Aziziya Family Park
    Take a good walk inside the park!

    This small garden has a curved pathway that is used by visitors for morning or evening walks. The walkway is well-lit at night. When will you pass by for an evening stroll?

    Football & basketball court

    7 things to check out at Al Aziziya Family Park
    Stay active and fit for a healthier you!

    Play basketball or football at Al Aziziyah Family Park. The sports area is open throughout the day to encourage every member of a family to be physically active, especially the children.

    Bird water feeders

    7 things to check out at Al Aziziya Family Park
    Why the birds keep coming back!

    Look up the trees and see hanging water feeders! The white-colored feeder attracts a number of birds, so expect a lot of chirping sounds. Lovely!

    What's not allowed at the Al Aziziya Family Park?

    7 things to check out at Al Aziziya Family Park
    A signboard near the entrance gate.
    • Children are not allowed from entering without their parents' watch.
    • Men are not allowed without their families.
    • Pets are not allowed inside.
    • Playing football is allowed only in the designated places and the ball should be light for children aged 5-12 years old.
    • Campfire, barbeque, crackers and fireworks are not allowed.
    • Bicycles, roller skates and scooters are not allowed.
    • Celebrations, events and selling things are not allowed without municipality approval.
    • Littering, picking of flowers/damaging of plants and facilities are not allowed.


    • Timing: All days, 5:30 am - 11 pm
    • Pets: Not allowed
    • Toilets: Separate toilet for women and men, available inside the park
    • Parking: Available outside the park
    • Entrance: Free
    • Location:
    7 lovely things to see at Al Aziziya Family Park
    Click here for the location of Al Aziziya Family Park.

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