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Posted On: 14 December 2020 06:00 pm
Updated On: 7 June 2022 06:24 pm

Most useful apps in Qatar

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Thanks to technology, we can use our mobile phones, not just for calling and messaging. From getting a ride, completing government transactions, ordering a meal, and more - we can do many things with just a few clicks. These apps make our lives easier by saving us time and energy, with some of them even helping us save money.

So whether you're living in Qatar, moving to Qatar, or just visiting, take a look at these apps that have been the most helpful this year. The best part is, all of these apps are free to download!


Ehteraz app for covid-19 in Qatar
Image credit: Ehteraz on App Store

First up is the app of the year, none other than the COVID-19 app called Ehteraz. Announced in April, it was then made mandatory to be downloaded in May. Today, we can't go anywhere without it as it's required to show your Green Healthy status upon entering an establishment.

Download here: Google Play | App Store

Read more on Ehteraz:


Metrash2 app ministry of interior qatar
Image credit: Metrash2 app

Metrash2 by the Ministry of Interior allows Qatari citizens and residents to access more than 215 services provided by the Ministry straight from their mobile phone anytime.

As of June 2022, the ministry has added 17 more services to the application. The newly added Metrash2 e-services include services related to residence permit, search and follow up, domestic workers recruitment, establishment card and Al-Adeid reporting services. Six of these services related to residence permits were previously required visiting the Expatriate Affairs Department. Now they can be submitted through Metrash2.

Download here: Google Play | App Store

Learn more about Metrash2 here:

Food delivery apps

Food delivery apps in Qatar
Image credit: Shutterstock

COVID-19 restrictions are slowly easing up, but still food delivery apps are apps that you just can't let go of! Those who don't want to cook at home can easily choose from various restaurants to order food to be delivered straight to their doorstep. From a few food delivery apps, we also now have more options in Qatar: Talabat, Snoonu, Carriage, Rafeeq, Fingertips, Wishbox, Foodak, Trackoo, and more.

These food delivery apps not only deliver food from restaurants, but users can also order groceries, pharmaceutical products, toys, flowers, and a lot more.

Check out more information about food delivery apps in Qatar and how to download here: Food delivery apps in Qatar for when you don’t want to cook or eat out

Grocery apps

grocery delivery apps in Qatar
Image credit: Shutterstock

Due to the pandemic, supermarkets and hypermarkets also had to adapt to the restrictions imposed in Qatar. But having these services can be convenient to some! Lulu, Carrefour, and Al Meera have their own mobile apps where you can grocery shop just with a few clicks in the comfort of your home and have it delivered to you. These grocery apps not only have a shopping option, but it’s also handy for earning rewards!

There are also other online grocery apps like Jeeb, Baqaala, Foody, QFresh, Suncart, and more. You can also order fresh seafood and meat straight from an app!

Find more info here:

Qatar Events

Qatar Events mobile app
Image credit: Qatar Events

Do you always want to be updated on all the important events happening in Qatar? The Qatar Events app is just what you need! It's free to download, and you can access different events happening today, this week, or later in the country. You can also filter the events based on event type - Entertainment, Arts & Culture, Sports, Food & Dining, Community, and more.

Download: Google Play | App Store

Pharmacy apps

Most useful apps in Qatar: 2020 edition
Image credit: Shutterstock

Like food and groceries, you can also order pharmacy products straight from an app and have it delivered at home. In Qatar, you have different options to choose from - Care n Cure, Rimads, and Wellcare. As mentioned above, you can also order your pharmacy needs from food delivery apps!

Check out the pharmacy apps in Qatar here:

Transportation apps

transportation apps in Qatar
Image credit: Shutterstock

If you don't have your own vehicle, then Qatar's transportation apps are what you need to help you get around Qatar.

If you want to take the Doha Metro, you can download the Qatar Rail app to help you plan your journey, manage your Travel Card, and get more information about the Doha Metro. You can also download the metroexpress app, so you'll be able to enjoy free rides to and from select Metro stations. If you use Metrolink, the Karwa Bus app can help you with the routes and bus stops.

Want to take a taxi? Have the Karwa app handy. You can also download ride-hailing apps like Uber, Careem, and Ryde.

Download these apps here and get more information about its services:


Kahramaa Qatar Mobile App
credit: Kahramaa

The Kahramaa app allows you to pay your electricity and water bills easily. You can also access Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation's e-services such as tracking service status, updating E-bills email, and self-meter reading.

Download here: Google Play | App Store

Other Ministry apps

Hukoomi Qatar e-Government portal mobile app
Image credit:

Aside from Ehteraz and Metrash2, other Ministries also have their own mobile applications. These apps had become in handy, especially this year when government offices were closed due to covid-19 restrictions. Some of the popular Ministry apps are:

  • Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor, and Social Affairs (MADLSA) - Amerni app
  • Ministry of Transport and Communications - MOTC app
  • Ministry of Commerce and Industry - MOCI app
  • Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) - Oun app
  • Qatar e-Government Portal - Hukoomi app

Please read all about the Ministry apps and download them here: Guide to Qatar's Ministry mobile apps and e-services

Telecommunication apps

Ooredoo app and My Vodafone app
Image credit: Ooredoo and Vodafone Qatar

If you're living in Qatar and own a mobile phone, then you either use Ooredoo or Vodafone app. Being the only telecommunications company in Qatar, their app makes it convenient to be able to use their services.

With the Ooredoo App, you can top up your balance, pay your Ooredoo bill, earn and redeem rewards, and keep track of your internet, call, or text balance. Download the Ooredoo App here.

The My Vodafone App allows you to recharge your data, check your account balance (SMS, minutes, or data), manage all your numbers, pay your bill, and access Vodafone's offers. Download My Vodafone App here.

Navigation apps

Are you team Google Maps or do you prefer to use Waze better? Whether you drive or take a taxi, you probably have used either of the two most popular navigation apps in Qatar. Both are owned by Google and have many similar features.

With Google Maps, you not only have access to real-time directions and traffic information but you can also see information on local businesses such as restaurants, landmarks, etc. Directions for driving and walking are available as well as train info. Other notable features include automatic rerouting, offline maps, and street view.

Waze allows drivers to report real-time information on traffic accidents, road closures, or speed limits. To use Waze, you need an internet connection. You can choose from different voice navigation options such as celebrity voices. The app also lets you know if you're going over the speed limit.

Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you about traffic, construction, police, crashes, and more in real-time. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time.

Download here:

Store 974

Image credit: Store 974 App Store

Qatar's premier PC store also launched its own app this year! Everything you need for PC gaming you can easily order the biggest international gaming brands through the new Store 974 app. You don't have to deal with international shipping and surprise taxes.

With the Store 974 app, you can easily compare products, check your order status, make a wishlist, save your order history, and read reviews.

You can also avail of discounts and rewards through the Level Up Rewards program. Collect points every time you make a new purchase and you can then use these points to get discounts and free upgrades!

Download here: Google Play | App Store

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Which of these mobile apps do you use the most in Qatar? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget to hit LIKE and SHARE!