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Posted On: 28 July 2022 01:00 pm
Updated On: 28 July 2022 03:06 pm

Safety tips during rainy weather in Qatar

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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Rain and thunderstorm safety tips updated

Citizens and residents of Qatar enjoy and anticipate rain when the Qatar Meteorology Department releases warnings about it. No matter how many people like rain, it can sometimes become heavy and come with thunderstorms, requiring you to take serious caution. There can be times when the rain obstructs visibility, making driving difficult during this weather.

So, it's best to know the safety precautions to follow during rainy weather. Here, the (ILQ) team lists them down for you.

Tips and safety instructions during rainy weather

Driving in the rain

Safety tips during rainy weather Qatar
Image credit: Ministry of Interior

As reminded by the Ministry of Interior, driving in the rain would require more of your attention. Below are the tips for driving in the rain:

  • Drive at a slower speed.
  • Maintain lane discipline and avoid overtaking.
  • Leave plenty of space between vehicles.
  • Ensure all wipers are functional before driving.
  • Turn your lights on and use indicators as needed.
  • Brake the vehicle gradually to slow down.

Electrical appliances & wiring safety tips

Safety tips during rainy weather Qatar
Image credit: Kahramaa
  • Ensure outdoor electrical panel boxes and lighting do not allow any water leak and outlets to be insulated.
  • Do not approach electricity poles or power lines.
  • In case of a sudden power outage, switch off plugs and switches.
  • Never use electrical wiring or cords in wet places.
  • Keep all electrical appliances away from direct rain.
  • Keep away from tall stand-alone trees and electrical poles; find a low safe spot.
  • Never touch an electrical appliance if dropped in water; turn off the electricity supply.
  • Apply the regular and required maintenance for internal electrical installations and plumping.
  • Provide emergency light devices to use when needed.
  • For rain emergencies, you may reach the Ministry of Municipality at 184.

Thunderstorm safety tips

Safety tips during rainy weather Qatar
Image credit: Qatar Weather

There may be instances where rainy weather is accompanied by thunderstorms with lightning. For these situations, Qatar Weather issues the following safety tips:

  • Stay away from open areas.
  • Seek shelter immediately.
  • Stay away from highland areas, roofs, trees, and electrical poles.
  • It is considered safe to stay inside cars, as long as the windows are rolled up and closed.

Construction labour tips

Safety tips during rainy weather Qatar
Image credit: Ministry of Labour

The Ministry of labour has also released the following tips to labour employers during rainy weather:

  • Use devices to measure wind speed.
  • Stop crane operations when limits exceed.
  • Do not handle electrical items with wet hands; wear electrically insulated gloves and shoes.
  • Observe safety procedures at sites.

Emergency contact numbers:

  • Ministry of Municipality Call Center: 184
  • Ashghal Contact Center: 188

Keep these tips in mind and always stay safe, ILQ fam!

Source: Qatar Weather, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour, Kahramaa