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Posted On: 16 September 2019 09:03 pm
Updated On: 27 September 2021 05:16 pm

Top 5 restaurants at The Pearl-Qatar

Arvin Garcia
Arvin Garcia
Content Writer
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The Pearl-Qatar is a great place for strolling around, shopping, appreciating the picturesque views, dining out and enjoying your favourite coffee. And, there are some great spots at the Pearl Qatar to enjoy these things to do like, Porto Arabia, Medina Centrale and Qanat Quartier.

Today, we're focusing on dining out at The Pearl-Qatar, and so, we've put together a list of the top 5 places to explore and eat at in this enchanting destination.

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1. Hasan Kolcuoglu

Looking for authentic Turkish experience here in Qatar? Then Hasan Kolcuouglo's for you. Their delectable menu appeals to different tastes depending on the time of the day. Hasan Kolcuoglu's all-time crowd-puller is its signature dish called 'Meter Kebab', which, like its name, is a 1-metre long kebab made of barbecued lamb ribs, Adana Kebab, chicken chunks, grilled tomatoes, grilled green chillies and secret spices. Another favorite is its set meal which includes salad, Adana Kebab, Turkish tea, Chicken Kebab, Lamb Chops and Baklava.

Hasan Kolcuoglu
Courtesy Image: Hasan Kolcuoglu


Location: Souq Al Madina, Plaza Al Hambra, Medina Centrale, Pearl Qatar, Doha
Opening hours: 10 am – 11:30 pm
Cuisine: Turkish
Average cost: QR 250 for two people
Tel: +974 4039 4531

2. Arabesque

Arabesque is a Middle Eastern restaurant that centres around providing traditional Arabian cuisine with a modern take and is prepared by experienced chefs. They have taken inspiration from around the region to bring guests new takes on classic Arabian delicacies, that have evolved with time. Guests who visit this classy restaurant love their traditional shawarma, tabbouleh salad, manakeesh, kafta meat and honey cake for dessert.

Courtesy Image: Arabesque


Location: 18 La Croisette, Porto Arabia, Pearl Qatar, Doha
Opening hours: 8 am - 12 am
Cuisine: Arabic
Average cost: QR 150 for two people
Tel: +974 4409 5271

3. Shakespeare and Co.

Known for their vintage decor and variety of creative dishes, Shakespeare and Co. is one place you wouldn't want to miss when you are in The Pearl-Qatar. They were established with the simple premise of serving great quality food, providing friendly and efficient service in a warm atmosphere reminiscent of home. Abiding by that philosophy has propelled the company’s growth from its first establishment in 2001, to currently 16 company-owned and operated outlets including their Qatar branches. Their menu boasts of a classic breakfast line that's made up of wholesome ingredients and will ensure you'll be back for more, such as cordon bleu, salad, pizza, macaroons, and freshly-cooked calamari. Apart from the fame they've collected for their morning meals, they also serve meals for other times of the day that include sajs (flat Lebanese breads with different fillings), sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, and many other main courses that you are sure to enjoy.

Shakespeare and Co.
Courtesy Image: Shakespeare and Co.


Location: 12 La Croisette, Porto Arabia, Pearl Qatar, Doha
Opening hours: 8 am - 11:30 pm
Cuisine: International
Average cost: QR 160 for two people
Tel: +974 6629 381

4. Toro Toro

Across Latin America, food is more than a meal - it's like a celebration that should be shared, savoured and enjoyed. That's why here in Toro Toro, everything is shared on a small plate and eaten on large tables. In this way, the Latin American tradition is preserved and shared, too.

Toro Toro is a creative blend of Pan Latin styles and flavours, one of the most successful and growing concepts of celebrity Chef Richard Sandoval. Among their bestsellers are grilled salmon, lamb chops, crispy prawns, perfectly-cooked steak and Latin inspired salad. But wait, there's one dessert we would like you to taste. It's called La Bomba, a fusion of chocolate mousse, dulce de leche sauce, vanilla ice cream, berries and strawberry sorbet. Now that's one enticing dessert. So, what are you waiting for, groove you're way at this unique restaurant.

Toro Toro
Courtesy Image: Toro Toro


Location: Marsa Malaz, Pearl Qatar, Doha
Opening: 7 pm – 12 am
Cuisine: Pan Latin
Average cost: QR 400 for two people
Tel: +974 4035 5101

5. Isla Mexican Kitchen

Infusing traditional Mexican recipes with Asian ingredients, executed in a modern way - Isla Mexican Kitchen offers a colourful and flavourful cuisine with a selection of signature dishes such as lobster tacos and homemade guacamole. Their guests can enjoy authentic Mexican flavours simply served alongside a great selection of fresh mocktails. Inspired by the culinary mantra of 'old ways in Mexico, 'new hands' by Chef Richard Sandoval reinterprets traditional Mexican dishes with innovative techniques and skilful and clever presentation. Guests can either sit inside the restaurant or outside where they can revel in the panoramic view of the sea and round out their dining experience.

Isla Mexican Kitchen
Courtesy Image: Isla Mexican Kitchen


Location: 2 La Croisette, Porto Arabia, Pearl Qatar, Doha
Opening hours: 12 pm to 11:30 pm
Cuisines: Authentic Mexican street and comfort food
Average cost: QR 150 per person
Tel: +974 4409 5285

    Have you made up your mind? What place will you visit first when you are at The Peart-Qatar? We hope this article can help you decide where to eat when in the area. Tell us what you think in the comments section below, and don’t forget to like and share this article – it keeps us going!